miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016


Fidelity and suffering

If you think in dying with you I die

Together in the trip of not return
Tired of living without hopes
With this daily torture you feel
Wishing the end of that suffering

If you feel that life is your wish

Living with you day after day is my will
Watching the smile in your face 
or the firm fight of your character
that strong wants a day more together

My partner´s life I´ll do mine your wishes

Prepared I am to make your trip each second
That life is discovering in fateful time
Of illness, suffering and hopelessness
till the moment you think it is the end.


Nights in Silence

At night the desire to keep awake
So late ..What´s the reason to be up
Alone with myself I am
Quite at this hour I think

Asleep you are close to me

Early in the morning I am
Enough time to meditate in silence
but I feel little noises of the house

Your breath, the rain´s drops

a voice that far breaks the morning
So, without any witnessess
finally I take the pen and start to write

Love you so much my dear

than I don´t want to make any noise
Listening your breath I know your presence
that bright me every moment of my life.


The Wait

Far away of our yesterday world

So quite we see the passage of the days
Gathering enough time to your freedom 
I see the sunset that it shortens the time limit
Uncertain future we await without hurry

So, although these isolated prisoner we are
feel closer than ever we feel each other.


Lost   (always lost.....again and again) 

Lost I am without your happiness

It gives me strength to continue this path

followed together since so long time
Can´t remember waking up without your lap.


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