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On 25 May, Emiliano wrote in this blog with the title
THE PAINFUL, as follows:

Pass and pay bill, as it was yesterday for a ubiquitous party in Madrid and countless cities and autonomous regions of Spain
No you can do worse and eventually the gross errors, omissions, compromise and corruption have to be paid to some citizens fed up:
Broken Promises
Political corruption
Wars internecine
Dejaded absolute in suburbs
Unemployment, ruin and filth everywhere outside the elite in the city

In addition to gross breach of the electoral program as

Lowering taxes, abortion law, law on penalties integral fulfillment, rapists, murderers and terrorists in the street, forgetting all the victims of terrorism, forgetting pensioners lists endless on health, hepatitis patients confined for months, completely forgotten the law of dependence, ......

And so countless setbacks or disappointments for traditional voters of the right have not come to vote or who have done put their trust in others, such as discomfort and fullness of many citizens who have turned to new parties and new proposals that will show whether or not can be met.

However, the invoice will pay all and sundry when foreign investors think It is not a good idea to invest in a troubled country whose citizens are pissed with their rulers as was demonstrated yesterday. As an example I wonder who in their right mind is going to invest in Barcelona in Madrid ?, or if it falls into the hands of extreme Left ?, because what is and is not to be seen.
I entrepreneur would think very much, I changed these people who doubt or be a new version of Greece Two.

UK is an example of just the opposite, they have cut , have tightened their belts, it seemed that the Conservatives bump would take and it has not happened. 
The democratic tradicción is a plus which we Spaniards lack, easily taken in by grand and beautiful words, defending "the poor" and defenestra companies and entrepreneurs are job creators right.

Without investment there is no work, and at the time that what happened yesterday will transcend many of the investments or future projects will fall apart.

But it is imperative severe criticism for the way in which the ruling party has led her things to see how the fief of Madrid and Valencia, impregnable to the left until yesterday, have been lost by the absolute disregard for the citizens of both cities.
Worse impossible, and the view are the results reflect the abundance of hundreds of thousands of people tired of worn and aged politicians who have failed to convey the fundamental, are tough times and plays tighten males.

For nothing, it seems that they do not have them tight enough and tired cuts, shortages and unemployment people have left subjugated by the "siren songs" we have all heard ad nauseam. When I see the results I see elections explanation that you just have to walk through the pereficos neighborhoods of large cities and see how they are to explain the collapse of a hegemonic party that was believed would remain in command. In the end people are tired of seeing so much filth, decay, neglect and ruin it forces you to look away.
Natural as life itself.
Just touch congratulate the winners and expect them to keep the promises they have been doing or adapt sensibly to the cat, investments or capital, everything could happen is not escape.
There will be congratulated also to other or radio "TV channels" and certain commentators who have been commissioned to promote awareness, free of charge, this change.
There is no doubt that they have done well and conscientiously, I guess now wait for his reward. 

**** **********

Nothing, the second "Dolorosa" has been initialed and confirmed in yesterday's elections on December 20, 2015.

The two major parties in the past have played out worse than last time, the PP.  can hardly form a government, if they can because today all doubt it, and PSOE obtained the worst results ever obtained after dictator´s death.
Yesterday listening to Mr. Sanchez he said that history had done and I could not tell if it was sarcasm or he meant what he said, because yes  they have made ​​history but very bad and I think that not even was aware of the absurdity of his words.
That "history is harvested worse from here vote" and is so cool when it should have resigned.
Mr. Almunia introduced without delay anything his tenure as head of his party, and the results were not worse.
Just something did Mr. Rubalcaba, and what this Mr. Sanchez is waiting for ?.
He Will be dreaming to govern?
God caught us in grace if so, to get out of here and not stop all that I can, unfortunately not my case because my wife Cuca is very sick.

The present Government of Spain has received the second "painful" bill all we were waiting for and it has been sick strong.

Now comes the second part, rising risk premium, interesas by rising debt, already certain capital out of this country that seems unmanageable, plummeting stock market, and distrust in Europe, investors and even worse in the investments were distrustful of what is about to happen.

And they have not learned anything from the previous elections, the ordinary citizen is still angry, I'm angry, and Emiliano has changed its vote. 
Logical if I stick to my principles and I tired of broken promises, bipartisanship, boredom of always hearing the same thing to the same people as always.

I have not small children, I have not grandchildren, my daughters are older and are far away, working, because I feel very clear about what to do, just what I like to do, punish them .... .and is that I agree with my principles and what happens after this country sincerely very little affect me.

Sorrow if puzzled too, but I think it falls within the logic of the present political chaos looming .

And if the government has received "more than painful" lesson not to hear the citizen outcry, that of his own country, and instead follow the guidelines of who? Bruxelas, Bundestag, IMF, or some more, but no one's been promised four years ago and which were not fulfilled at all.

Ciao, I think there is little rope to govern, if they do, and before long there will be new elections .

the gatufo

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