martes, 2 de enero de 2018


I am what here in my country call "the third age", but I don´t know exactly when a person is in that age.
What is the second age?, and the first?

Silly expresions  not to call a person "old" or "elderly" as it is the real adjective when we are going to seventy years or more.

I have three daughters but not grandsons or granddaughters as they are not in good disposition to be mothers.

Nearly every friend of mine have grandsons/daughters and they feel themselves very happy.
As soon the theme is talked, and it is talked always, my friends look at me with great sorrow as thinking "poor man, he hasn´t any grandsons" what a pity.
Yes I feel that my friends are very sorry by the fact I am old, in age of being grandfather and there is not a children to care, but what can I do?.

Some time I would like to say, "yes, it is a pity not to have any children to care but I have a cat that gives me great pleasure, love, and lot of fun. 

Always we are playing and he never is tired of playing the same game with me. 
He jumps on me as soon I am sitting on the armchair and rolling on me he gives me warm in winter. My legs and belly are always warm with great pleasure and my dear Gatufo dreams at the same time than me.

Every night he jumps on the bed and he situated his body between Cuca and me.  

All night Gatufo is dreaming, without moving, the three together in very good harmony and as soon I get up he is at my side and gives me little bites at the same time Gatufo emit little sounds or miauss as saying "good morning" in his language.
Once I am walking to the bathroom he is at my side walking going everyplace I could go. 

Always at my side going from a room to another.

Once I am sitting on my chair in front of the computer to revise the mails, or the blogs, Gatufo jumps on my lad and close his big eyes to sleep a little more.

Gatufo is always in good disposition to play, he doesn´t shout, he doesn´t cry, he doesn´t speaks, he doesn´t ask for anything, he is alway in the same mood, he is always at my side giving his love.

So, what can I say to the people who looks at me and are very sorry because I am not a grandfather.
No children to talk about them, not any photo of the nice little girl or boy, nothing new about their first steps, or their first words, so yes it is sad for every one who could think I am and elderly man without any grandson/daughter and I don´t want to say anything about my Gatufo because a cat is not a nice little children.

That´s the thought of everyone, but I am happy with my cat and if there was a time I miss a little child it pass and in fact now I don´t
care about the subject.  

el gatufo

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