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With that quiet you talk and explain that you suffer illness is Cuca, the Multiple Sclerosis think it is easy to explain or assimilate ?.

Nonsense, it is very difficult or almost impossible to explain or assimilate, every day dawns and still the same or worse, do not know how to be that day, if you can merge or not, how much help you need at all times, there are times you manage to merge for yourself, others do not and have to get up like a sack of potatoes, you think that the people or person you love must be tired of you, tired and you're a hindrance in their lives, but not you die, well some if they die soon but most, and those who tell me not have to wake up three hundred sixty-five days a year knowing that you're a useless thing, each passing week it'll be a little more each year more, and at the end you'll still be almost need of every assistance to the most vital functions.
Do you think that's easy to assimilate ?.

The truth is that thinking like you what accounts do not, can not be easy to grasp for anyone, but I see you as calm, do not lose the humor, playing with the computer, you laugh, enjoy watching a movie or chatting with friends, Sometimes it seems like nothing happened.
Besides look it much younger than you have, I thought I had very well understood or assimilated and that the disease was not so present in your head.

What is each day of the year, and I have to push myself all the time, every single day of my life today, every hour of the day when it will not show on my character, it does not take my life completely, in not monopolize the lives of those around me, or the person who cares for me, Emiliano certainly pretense, pretend, I entertain myself thinking a thousand things to review over and over again, day after day in a kind of wheel without purpose except for three day month I think about this and six in the other, and I repeat stories, countries, facts, and many things that absorb me not to think about my future, I do not have it in my illness in if I can incorporate my morning in the load I represent every day, and that effort to be busy every minute of the day, think of nothing on this that I tell you, it's what keeps me so, apparently it shows. Look good mood, happy, happy, and sometimes achievement forget and I am, I have been and am happy along many times that I'm with my friends or with people coming to see me, he loves me, friends or family and especially spending hours beside the person I love, who is already imagine.

Herein our beloved cat has been and is a major help.

And that is the reality of everyday life, for me there is nothing more, today, tomorrow when I go to bed and think of how it will be even one more day tomorrow, I do not think if I can, if I hurt more, if I can spend the half day well, none of that goes through my mind when I lie down, achievement isolate these issues within a large box and think of the Oscar, Passages of History, Capital African Nations, or I'm listing the United States of North America, placing them in the mental map that I have in all continents of the globe.

've been doing this many years since I saw that it was, that would not die soon as was my desire and especially when I decided not to rankle of those who love me, my daughters, my friends and especially my life partner.

Amazing Cuca, and that really helps ?, that helps you get through the days without remembering disability status, the strange disease that you suffer for many, it assured me ?. Would you make sure anyone who may read these lines and this in a similar situation to yours with this disease Multiple Sclerosis or other similar ?.

A greatly helps me, it gives me breath to continue emililano beside day after day, you want me and the do every night in bed my recovery, I want to extend as much as possible the time of my absolute inability and therefore physically and mentally work day after day.
At least I think I do something useful and I can not help in other aspects of our lives'll delay as much as possible the effects of the disease, by and for me.

I absolutely want my daughters, I would spare them suffering at me like that, I get to come soon as it is hard to bear the sight of a mother in this state, a mother who should have helped these at your side to everything you wish and absolutely not in this sorry state to see or live.

Understand them and never ask them to come more often, so that, to suffer ?. No, better not, I think they have life and suffer as little as possible rather what his father does.

Cuca Bravo for you, you are a person of integrity that amazes me. Nobody, or almost nobody would think so as you think about their family or friends. The sick care, who want him, understand him, visiting him, becomes selfish, is not your case and I admire deeply for it.

I congratulate you for this, at heart, and I think you can feel proud of what you do and your attitude towards life.

Thank gatufo ?, if the name you've made you.

Thanks also to heart if you understand what I'm telling you is that you're smarter than I thought, than grace you making that face.

It's easy to understand or explain, I wish that those who want me to suffer as little as possible, if you want me , come and be with me the potential to make your stay enjoyable, not painful, and if you do not want to see me because they find it very hard, I understand perfectly because I love them too much to be selfish.

Thanks Cuca.

el gatufo

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