lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017


After five years of writing here I like to see what have been the changes in this blog, also I would like to see what I said at the beginning when it was my first experience in having a blog.

More or less what I wrote then was a lot of nonsense words or ideas, more or less like now, but as happens always when a person read some notes that were written on the past that there is something to learn from them.

What I said at the beginning?  a lot of silly things:

I said that it seems I was writing for no body just because there was not any reply or I have not signs that any people could read the blog.

Having in mind it could be possible that I was writing for me only I talk something about my own life, just like a diary, more or less what I have done some years before when I grasp a pen and wrote on the paper.

Also writing that things I said our life in a Sunday was the same as our life in a Monday or other day of the week. Why?.

It is easy, I don´t work out from home, so days of the month or the week are the same one after another for me and for my wife.
Sunday? Monday? ...just the same.

Our life was and is simple, living in a big city like Madrid with so many sites to visit we usually don´t go out to home to any place in the big city.

My dear wife Cuca was and is sick, with a bad sickness "multiple sclerosis" and she likes to be home doing her life, reading, listening to the radio, or some news on the tv. and  even more, typing in the keyboard of her pc., some mails or just playing with the computer. Doing that a Sunday is a similar day to another other day of the week.

Of course all of this was years before as today she is not so well to do such kind of things.
Sclerosis go on and she is now worst than she was five years ago.

The routine of Sundays at home is that a person comes here to do house chores, help me with the hard work of a house. This person is like a friend of us now. For years she has been coming on Sundays because the rest of days are working doing other things. 

Quite different things, another different work.

But this sunday she didn´t come because she is in her country Peru. She wanted to go to her city Lima to see her sons and her mother.
There was  a lot of years that she haven´t see her family and she was anxious to see them.

Writing about my own life I said that other woman take her place to do the home chores, a young woman from Bolivia, as it was firs one from Peru at the beginning.

Like in football there are titulars and substitutes, Chari, a nice person from Bolivia is the titular now instead of Isabel once she can´t follow

with this hard work as taking care of my dear Cuca.

To me is nice just to have some one who can help me to do some of my works at home. Being a marry man, working all my life out home, I was very bad accustomed to do nearly nothing at home, as the majority of men.

It was my wife, Cuca, who take care of the children and the house.
Suddenly she was ill, it seems her illness was going to pass soon, but it wasn´t so and at the end Emiliano needs to start a new life as a house keeping.

Yes, this was a new life for me, taking care of my dear wife, looking for the supplies, cooking, going to shop, doing everything that it is supposed a girl or a woman do at home.....? Why not a man?.
So today I understand very well what a good woman do at home, it is a difficult work that is not appreciate for us, men, who we are absolutely selfish.
Till the moment a person start doing something, he or she is not aware of the difficult task a house could be.....for me, yes, it is.

All these were the subjects I wrote at the beginning and to my big surprise all this was interesting to so many people out there that I continue till now.

First I thought no body was interested, now I could say that more than a million one hundred thousand of visits I had what is absolutely incredible to me.

Life is a continuous change and after five years there has been lot of events to write about so yes I have learn something after writing nearly one thousand posts, incredible and it seems to me like a miracle.

Thank you to all of you my dear visitors and the best to the new year my dear friends of the blog.


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