martes, 8 de agosto de 2017


It is just a pity but it is the truth, what can I talk about?. My head is blocked and being so bad I am absolutely fed up with so much talking about the euro. loans, public deficit, prime risk, and what is even worst european´s politicians who do nothing or past away from the problems of the European´s south countries.

Politicians from the European North countries are against any help to Greek, Spain, Portugal or Italy.
These countries make a lot of electronic machines, gadgets or high technology but what about food?.
What about fruits, vegetables, jamon, wine, good oil and so fort?.

Evidently they can´t eat a celular as a Nokia, a car as Mercedes or a high design furniture as human beings need food, to be feed.

South Europeans countries as Italy, Greek, Spain or Portugal do have a lot of food to feed  their people and to export north countries that have so bad wether, but also need money to buy the high technology products from the North or to pay the social necessities of the citizens.

My country, Spain, has all these kind of good food that North Europeans like so much.
So please, don´t be so proud about your money....if you don´t sell to us you are not going to be feed with nice oranges, strawberries, olive oil, and all kind of fruits or vegetables out of time.

B.C.E., Brussels, don´t be so much serious about strict rules, don´t have your hands so closed to let currency fluency.
We need loans, of course, but you need to sell your productions and also to recover your loans to Mediterraneas countries. 

Here in my country there is a saying that says:

"If your debt is a thousand you have a problem but if your debt it is of some thousand millions it is just the problem of the other"....Be careful about this subject.

So if countries like Greek, Spain or Portugal decides to go out from the euro.........not conceivable by now......the problem should be a global one not only a problem for us.

Be alert countries like Finland, Denmark, Netherland or Germany as the fall should be general.... to what countries are you going to sell your technology? how are you going to recover your loans?. Think about it, please, and don´t be so slow in taking resolutions, not be so strict and not impose so much hard rules to be accomplished
by us. With your actitude you are making too much suffering to our south people.

Have also in mind that countries from south Europe are the cradle of modern culture as law, theatre, art, numbers, calendar, religion, medicine, mathematics and so forth.
The best ancient thinkers are from Greek, Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomie....
Think about the seven Athem´s wise men: Tales de Mileto, Bias de Priene, Solom of Athens, Quilon of the Cedemonia (Esparta), Periandro de Corinto, Cleobulo de Lindos, and Pitaco of Mitileno.
Also think in Averroes, (Cordoba), Avicena (Cordoba), Seneca, Adriano, Trajano, all  of them were born in Spain.
Sócrates, Platón, and Aristóteles. Arquimides, Pitagoras,  from Greek.
Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Gioto, Vivaldi, ...Leonardo di Medici, Italian Renaissance, The Roman Law....the list could be endless.
The Western culture comes from these ancient civilizations, do not forget that.

It is sure that if Greek goes out from euro, followed by Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy, .......the world crack would be unthinkable.
Think and please stop your threats and your impositions that are unenforceable for us the poor people of south.

Our countries have millenniums of culture to be afraid now, just do another thing instead and it will be sure that Europe could be good for every all people and all the countries of Europe, the same from the south and for the north.

It is enough, people are killing themselves all ove the south due for the hard circunstances of these years.
They can´t pay their house mortages because they have lost their works, their hopes, their self-steem and at the end some are killing themselves too.
Do you know about that or you don´t know anything about what is happening along the last two or three years?.
Your politicians are so bad as to do nothing to find a good solution to these problems.

This is a world´s crisis that could affect to every body here, there, and it could longs
for too many years.

My best to all of us.

Utrech   Paises Bajos


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