viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017


Friendship? yes that is a difficult subject to write about, indeed, that is.

To me is one of the most important experiences a person may have, but not allpeople thinks the same, of course, for some the best subject to have is love, money, be succesfull in your work, in your life, health of course, but even sex or have a lot of everythin despite it could be not necessary.

Other are more simple persons that need nearly nothing to be happy, no friends, nomoney, no things at all, only a nice quiete life it is enough for them.
Recently I have known a person like this, a new friend from Italy, that scarcely needs their house, their work, and some cats....and what is the best...he is a happy man that need nothing to live as his own work and silence space.
Congratulation dear......if your read this you know I am appointing to you.

More or less my dear Cuca is so. She now needs really nothing to be just a bit happy.
Being without posibilities of going out from home, to a theatre, a trip, for shopping, and so forth....she is happy with her life, a P.C., time to write, to see power points, a movie, to care her cat gatufo, and to care her husband, me.

I am just a Little different, odd?, may be but all my life I have needed friends.
To me friendship has been one of my priorities in life.
I have some friends since more than fourty years, and we see ach other with pleasure despite every one of us have their life, their problems, and it is not necessary to see us every day or frequently.

Friendship is it a difficult subject to talk to?

Well I do think so, every one understand this matter in a different way.
To meit  is clear, one of the best things a man/woman could have it is only to haveat least ONE real friend.....some times it is enough.
At least it is what my dea Cuca said to me.

Fortunately for me I have more than......? five?   it could be.

My first, of course, it is my dear Cuca-friend-lover-mother of my daughters-wife andnow sharing our life together, being happy with Little things.
She is indoors along moths, without going out home, she has multiple esclerosis, but I think she is happy with her life, having me close near to her it is the most treasure thing she could wish....well I think so.
Another quite good friends are three woman, and two man.....that I could see frequently, despite, as I said before, have their own life.

Finally I have one of my best ...far away....thousand of kilometers from here, Madrid, my house. but to me is absolutely important to have him like one of the best.
It is a pity we can´t see each other, different life, task, age, sittuation and so forth.
But he is one of the best friends I ever had.., life is so strange.
Who knows what is happening in future?.

el gatufo

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