martes, 8 de agosto de 2017


Finlandia  Helsinki

I stay here at this place,
just quiet when you're gone.

Sitting, no hope you no longer are
silent still for long.

Absent in spite of myself, restless mind
now without you all is the same.

In my lifetime loneliness, disconsolate

Love lost, heartbroken
mutual mistakes, without forgiveness.


I look, thinking, when you sleep next to me.
Your freckled face, love in your eyes.
Light in your eyes, so tender forever.
The tone of voice, if you are sad or happy.
Things I guess seeing your eyes.


Long way you and I walk together.
Days walking without rest.
No return back even if we want.
Relive happy days gone by.
Laughter crazy and relentless unexplained
Uncertain Happiness young lovers.

Today I would like to relive that.
Delusion of a withered soul.
That incessant turns back uselessly.
It happened, I repeat over and over.
After inadvertently, unintentionally stealthy
my mind is back again.

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