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ANY ONE DAY (Story 3)

On a trip to Germany two years ago, I met a young man who was with us accompanying their parents.
I had a chance to talk long and followed with when their parents had gone to settle some affairs to the Consulate of Spain. 
Our affection was instantaneous despite the age difference. I found a sensible and mature person, considering that he was not yet twenty-five.

The fact of traveling with their elders on a tour for seniors almost meant to me that was safe to proceed, without not being among boys his age complex.

We have a deep and sincere friendship although we have not seen too many times.

I'm thinking about the possible companion Gloria and her son on the journey of survival that project done soon.

The plans of the I do not know, it may have been and gone with their parents in search of other places with chance of survival.

I have to go home as the communications are limited and it is impossible almost use the web, without electricity or phone line most of the time.

It's a risky and dangerous journey through the city. 
There curfew what I have to leave very early and return home before dark.

I try again and again to use mobile, impossible, there is no coverage or just does not ring when I call. I have no idea what happened with connections or phone companies.

I doubt women tell them something, but how do I justify my departure out of the house ?. Perhaps the best is tell the truth but certainly is going to oppose my departure.

I do not approach it again, it's pitch dark and we made ​​some dinner. Before going to bed I mentioned it to the two. My wife is silent and reflect, Gloria immediately tells me not to, you do not you go out looking for someone to travel with me, I can manage on my own.

You have no chance, I replied to him. 
If this friend is willing to travel at your own risk, or only with their parents, is sure to take with them.
And I have to find out if it is, if they have already gone, or if do not want to leave home and go to stay in Madrid.

My loving wife looks at me and says, do what you must do but think about us and be very careful. We'll be waiting.

With this is enough for me, she approves of my decision even if it hurts deeply to be left alone.
For her others, the people you love are always first, then last she is. She has always been so, and has acted in this way.

Now you want your friend and the little travel insurance, it will hurt a lot to go but think only what is best for them.
Just feels to me, loves me more than anything in the world but I do understand what you consider it my duty and will not hinder or inconvenience.

Inwardly I thank him for it, although previously knew which would be his answer, however much it hurt him.

In that environment tense and painful we go to sleep waiting for a new day lead us to a different situation, and waking all has been the result of a bad dream, or a nightmare.

It is a nightmare or a bad dream, I am walking on the street in agony, I go to the house of my young friend no hope of finding it.

The stench is terrible, I go out into the street the putrefaction around me everywhere. 
Miles tons of garbage are piled to anywhere you look. 
The fallen trees are dumping pasture systematic destruction of all wood that formed the trunk and branches.
The leaves have disappeared, they have become blackish dust that invades everything .

The vision is obscene, millions of tiny larvae, worms and other microorganisms abound in the trunks and branches broken off which in turn will undoing in stinking heaps reports gray and continue hindering the passage.
The final process seems to be pure decomposition and unclean dust accumulated by thousands of tonnes.

Everything is gray, opaque, no transparency in the room. 
The view is limited to a few tens of meters without appearing to sunlight achieved through the barrier of dust suspended.

Lots of reports forms lie I accumulated on the ground. 
I approached to see what they are and a horrible smell me away. 
I do not want to go back, I have to do that is not what I'm imagining, and again I approached one of them.

The worst is confirmed. They are dead people piled in the middle of the street bodies. The army has been collecting and hoarding, so ?. 

I'm watching bonfires are perceived as different in the gray light of dawn tremendous.
They are burning the bodies when the piles are huge. By the spread of fire some buildings that surround the fires are blackened and some burned. And the people who inhabited them, where they are ?. 
evicted or killed also, of course, but I assume that hundreds of thousands have been leaving the city killed or died while trying to escape under cover of night.
Many swell piles I'm spotting, this step is not necessary that asphyxia account all of us.

The soldiers will incessantly circulating equipped with masks and armed with rifles with bayonets, bows and big knives hanging from their belts.

Now I mean the absence of shots that I attributed to that there were no riots or revolts. 

No, there is no gunshots, no one can run, given a silent and effective death.
I notice more and see that the ground is pasty in a mixture report dust, debris and blood.

The blood is mixed with everything and form a mass that is forming capricious and reports resecting the garbage accumulated forms.

It is frightening to imagine that they have become
the streets of the big city. 

At night the hell breaks loose in the form of summary executions of anyone who circulates without special permission from transit, or at least is what I assume, although it may be that these permissions are already exist.

If they exist, who has them and that are issued ? I wonder.

Reports figures are appearing in the buildings, which in silence and dragging some belongings walk in silence, no one knows where or how intentions. 

All I can imagine, fleeing risking that night they caught exposed and pass part of the piles of dead are piled everywhere waiting to be incinerated.

There is no compassion I think, night falls and anyone caught outside houses is executed without mercy, when not allowed to pass.

I am imagining, but It is what happens when I see dozens of bodies piled one hundred or two hundred meters.

The vision of my environment is horrible, but the unspeakable plague that attacks my senses makes it almost impossible to imagine anything other than follow, step after another, do not ask, do not talk, do not think.

One more step, and another, do not look, do not think, continue your way until you reach your destination and you achieve into a safe haven, if it already exists somewhere.

My home is sure yet, I think, but for how long ?. 

The fatigue comes over me, I will fall from time to time, and will be the end of everything.

The idea tempts me, let yourself go, lie down on the floor and wait I tell me your final. Everything will be easier as well, will end your worries, put an end to this endless nightmare that leads nowhere.
I dropped it, I dropped the idea is attractive and I'm about to lean against a wall and slide down to the ground when a tiny form walking clutching the hand of another bigger form invades my view.
It is a small dragged almost by the hand of his mother or father, no way of knowing.

The memory of small living at home fills my mind and it keeps me off right there. You must follow, I say, do not leave, it would be unforgivable to do it. They still have a chance, you do not. And let you die when the time comes and you are home.

The idea of home, of my bed, lie down and wait for the end I come as a balm that relieves fatigue. But even the hope of providing an opportunity for salvation to Gloria and her little makes me move my feet, one after another, another step, and so gradually after hours of walking I spot the house I want.

There will be someone in it or anything this effort has not been for nothing.

 I'm stupid, I repeat again and again, as you have committed an error of this nature.
Do not you think?
There is no doubt you are overtaken by events, you from thinking, it seems incredible that for years were a good chess player.

It is not for less. Took two hours stalking the door of the apartment of my friend, hoping someone enters or exits to sneak inside, and no one has appeared in it or tried to open it from outside.
The building appears to be dead, no movement, no light, How could I be light, stupid ?, nobody in or out and I thought contact idiot like Michael. By calling a bell that sounds ?. No phone line, no electricity, I can not knock on his door as two iron gates prevent access. Someone has to open up and use the key to enter the building. I've been here two hours, it is almost dusk, not if my friend or your family are at home or have left, is almost night and very early curfew prevented from being on the street.
What do ?.
die , stupid, my name again. 
You are about to lose their lives unnecessarily, you've made ​​a mistake in the round, as you leave your house without informing you go ?, to be alert to franquearte step. 
You thought you were going to get, you called with the intercom, you would open or not depending on whether they were at home or were already gone.
What fool ?, electricity, which let electricity to operate the goalkeeper ?.

Calm down and think, I mean, do not get nothing insulting. 
Think, think, that you can do to save your life.

Find a shelter before it's too late. You stay in without moving or murmur, and expect to spend the night.
Tomorrow you'll see what you do.

A shelter, where ?, think, think.

It makes me light in a flash, find a subway exit . 
There is a close, and although trains do not work for some time, maybe you can enter the tunnel and take shelter in. 

That said and done, I sit, I'll avoiding obstacles and stamping all kinds of bugs and filth. Not attend to the sounds they make my boots on the ground, better not see what my feet trample. 
I try not sneak because if I fall and not get up. There are piles of charred bodies here and there, the smell is a physical barrier that prevents me from walking or breathing. I have a terrible pain in the throat and lungs. I'm swallowing the smoke, dust, filth in the air, and hardly I grok enough oxygen to move.
Each step I needed a strong will not knock me down and let me die on, swallowing filth or suffocate directly with indescribable mud flooded the streets.

I am facing the subway.

Thank God, I think, is open but a lot of semi tronchados bodies prevent almost access. 
I must trample and climb over them to get in.

They are rotting and full of worms that run through my hands and arms when I grabbed some body. But I must contain nausea and disgust that stirs my guts. The fear of staying out makes climb the mountain of bodies and lower crawling on it.

When I'm down I shake my clothes, hands and feet ensuring that all vermin fall to the ground.
It's dark, the light from outside is shrinking and bodies prevent obstructing the entrance between the slightest hint of clarity.

Ando about ten meters clinging to the walls like a blind man stumbling over bodies and objects that do not see, until finally bend right into another hallway. Stumble and fall headlong into a soft mass that seems to move at my weight.

Be careful fuck, I said a hoarse voice from the dark, you have fallen on me.
Sorry, sorry, I see nothing.

Now you You get used to the dark and you can make out shapes and obstacles.

Who are you ?. Why have you come to this hell of death ?. 

I have to spend the night outside my house, I came for a friend and can not enter the building. Not whether or not you, then logically the intercom not
working and no one enters or leaves through the gate.

You're crazy out of your house, the street is a place of death, theft, murder and pain. I tell you I've been surviving several days and have seen it all. 
My house burned when they made ​​a bonfire with hundreds of rotting bodies and had to leave to escape.
He lived alone, was studying in Madrid when all this started, my family live south of the Pyrenees and have no means to go with them.
I'm stuck in this damn city and I can think of a way to escape. 
On the day I'm going across town to the north, when night approaches seek a mouth Metro and I dug into it expecting again light to keep going. 
I want out of here somehow.

My name's Louis, I have twenty-three, and what's your name.
I am Emiliano, since passage of sixty-five, I'm retired and I liked to write in a blog.

In a blog ?, as the original, do not know anyone who did.

Here you have one, I took almost three years to do so.

And that is your blog if I may ask?

From a whole some of my thoughts, experiences, my family, my cat "Gatufo" sometimes politics or history, and so am from topic to topic, write the first thing that comes to mind and desembucho out of my body and my mind, concerns or feelings that go through my head.

Majo, because if you survive this and things are back to their'll normally have a lot of experiences to relate.
Ha ha, will be good to read you once you pass all this chaos .

Luis, I love you think so, you say "when all this is over," do you really think will happen ?.

Yes, I think, man has been in worse circumstances. Have you heard of the bubonic plague ?.

Yeah right, who not settled almost half of the population in Europe and Asia.

Notes Emiliano, it will remain alive and the strongest or the most prepared. 
Two-thirds or more of the population will disappear, it is necessary to clean all the rottenness in which they had become men. 
The nature, the earth is defended well, and well to do it. 
Sooner or later it had to happen something.

el gatufo

will continue......

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