viernes, 21 de julio de 2017


Where is the sun

where is the sky
where is my love
where she has gone
Far away from home
you need to go
what can I do
when you be not
Too much to feel
too much to think
not now but soon
she will be not home
Without you I must go
extrange I will feel
inside these oppressive walls
when you will be not

Sooner or later Cuca will be not here at home with me, I try not to think too much  about it, but ahead it is the real fact.
What will I do, not any idea but it is sure that the house will be not home any  more.
Multiple Sclerosis is making it´s bad work inside her and after resisting me for  a long time at last it has been necessary to ask for a nursing where she could  receive a good care.
Doctor said me that once and again, so finally after talking with the social assistant  and listening to her I gave my arm twisted and have done what they told me.
May be a year of waiting, six months, I don´t really know but little by little my  mind is accepting the idea of letting her going out home.
In some way it is possible she could be better than here but not me that start  to miss her before the fact happens.

el gatufo

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