domingo, 16 de julio de 2017


When we are alone, no TV, no computer, no radio, alone with ourselves, do we think ?.

Do we really think on our way of living?
We reflect on the life we live, what we do, what we would do with that life that we will, one day less to live, a night that does not return, and so one more day after another.
What we can do to improve it? to be more happy? To give happines to our relatives, Friends or family?

Do we face our reality or just turn off the TV after living lives and stories of others, and immerse ourselves in bed thinking about the day of tomorrow, that's over the weekend, and it will be Monday morning?.
Or pissed we are with this, with that, because we do not work or we explode for other questions that diturb our way of doing our will?

Point, nothing more, and so until when?, until the end?, I wonder.

What did I do to improve my life as a person ?, could we ask ourselves.
And not about making more money, or work less, not to have or not have it, whether or not to go on vacation, if you lose or not lose work, whether I like this or that, if my children do not give me respite, what miserable or unhappy that I am, if no one understands me and so a string of complaints or regrets.
No, that is not the question about ourselves.

The real subject could be:
What have I done or do I with my life?

Do you understand  yourself? Really, I do understand me, my life, your life my friend?

Honestly most of the time I do not understand mine. I do not understand my spending plan, or what I do to be more or less happy, I do not understand what I'm doing with my life, let alone understand those around me if I just do not find my balance.

That could be a reflection, or just the opposite, I do what  makes me happy?, so I improve or not?, depriving these vagaries?, talking more with my partner or my children?.

I sharing, understanding, being humble, from this moment, make peace with this or that.

That is the question that I, we, should meditate from time to time.
Just when we are alone, in silence, without anything but entertain in the evening when the day is over.

Today would do, right now why I write and I wonder if I do agree with my life.

Do I like?
Can I change it?
Can not I and continue as before?
Am I good with my partner?
Would you like to be alone?
Accompanied by another person?

Is there anyone that these questions be done once
a month?

I'm not in the mind of you but sometimes I doubt that we consider our lives honestly, without fear of facing ourselves.

Goodnight and better dreams.

el gatufo

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