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ANY ONE DAY (Story 2)

I keep watching TV without seeing it, I do not pay attention to what the speaker, what strange glitches ?,.
Do all strings with technical problems ?, I do not believe it and say nothing to no worse fears of the two women.
The boy, Tony ?, Pedrito or call him Tony, is nestled against his mother and still not speaking though his face no longer shows the tension that had a few hours ago.

I leave the room and turned on the radio, a station must read what is happening, I think, I have luck and it is.
Achievement capture a pirate station where they are saying that the army has taken all television and radio, want to control what is broadcast so that people not be alarmed over what that's it.
The slogan is "not panic" with adverse news.
They are not aware that severing the information people Alarm much more.

Already riots and demonstrations in several European cities.
In Paris and London have repressed Mass demonstrations harshly and there are hundreds of detainees and several deaths.
People want to know what is happening and that his government is taking measures to address the problem.

Nothing easier to ask measures to tackle the problem, but which ?. I can not think, I am a retired 65 who barely can take care of my wife and take my house, which I know to tackle problems of this global nature if not I can not even afford my own.

I prejubilé of I work in a bank 52 years. After three years and believe me free prejubilarme tasks Maria was diagnosed with "multiple sclerosis" so I took the reins of the house and started to care.

Previously she had cared for me and my three daughters. He had done with love and total dedication. 
The debt of love to her was huge, priceless, well, who would take care of it better than me ?. I think no one, and she just accepted that it was I who by herself and the house was done.

My daughters were no longer with us, had their own life, and Mary did not want them involved at all in our own problems.

I return the reality of what is happening and stop thinking about my affairs that do not interest anyone.

Not to do, go out and buy more batteries ?, even a stove will be necessary if the power goes out, and candles, matches, and alcohol or gas for cooking if I can not use the kitchen.

It is necessary to list the most necessary to stay and endure in the house as long as possible.

Medications also, I have to go through the pharmacy before they happen monitor medications.

Mary does not take all that much, a drug that relieves their pain, is a "fluoxetine" antidepressant but I have to have a doctor's prescription.
Did they ask you now with this situation ?, I hope not, but I have another box to spend nearly thirty days.
In my case I need painkillers, who does not ?, alcohol, a disinfectant, thinks, I tell myself.  

Make a list asap everything you need and get out there before it's too late.

I have to calm down and think coolly. And the child ?, What will need a kid that age ?. I do not remember his age if his mother told me so, appears six years, but I do not know, I have to ask Gloria, she will tell me what the poor need.

Any soothing ?. But a little kid like not take painkillers, stupid me say, think, think and do not lose your head, see if the painkillers will need yourself.

It would not be uncommon, two years ago I had a dreadful depression, thought would not leave her.
I left, keep taking the medication you take Cuca, my wife, the "fluoxetine" generic that years ago was marketed under the brand "Prozac" even books were written about it.

Who cares about that now, Emilian , turns on you and let stories.

I go out of my reverie, I'm being called and not the first time.

Cuca (pet name) tells me that they will give an official statement in ten minutes, they said please be very attentive and serve to spread the news to family , friends, or neighbors, it is very important to keep in mind.

I fear the worst, and I confirm my suspicions when President flanked by military commanders and the police show up.
It addresses the Spaniards in a brief speech and communicates to us that according to the Cabinet of urgency consists in Brussels, throughout the European Union, starting tomorrow is established "curfew" for all territories of the Union.
It will be in effect from twelve o'clock until six dawn, only people who must work at night or will fulfill tasks required a special pass to circulate and must now ask their companies and agencies.
It makes for the good of all, he adds, and to the extraordinary situation Some of the constituents rights of citizens are suspended until we have full control of what is happening. 

The announcement will create panic was not yet unleashed. My projects surtirme of the most necessary for survival becomes more difficult. Today I have to leave if I want to bring some needed. 

I leave ya, I tell Cuca and Gloria, I'll buy a few things before they run out.
I grab my bank cards, a handful of bills, my shoulder, what a gun, I think ?. Not for now, do not be exaggerated, in addition to gun, a knife?
You do not have anything and are incapable of using it. 
Have you gone mad ?. and 
desist, and go quickly without waiting for the elevator that always lingers or I can let trapped.

People are leaving their homes, want to monopolize whatever before it runs out, they thought the same as me and no one will attend reasons.

No one in the bank tellers area, cashiers not provide any money and some are broken.
I have to make do with the cash if they find something to buy.

Riots in every supermarket controlled by the army. Nobody makes row and everyone wants to come at once, grabbing what they can and unpaid, no time or employees.
Gunshots heard in the cool look, and in view of the panorama I address some of the pharmacies that caught me close .

Two, three, closed up tight. 
At last I see one that has light and some people wait outside.
No tumult as in supermarkets, wonder and I say if, dispatched even without prescription.

When I'm at the counter I ask everything you can think of, the young man who serves me tells me that only one package of each drug per person. No more than yourself solidarity, tells me.
OK, young, but is an ongoing chronic treatment. I need at least two or three boxes of "fluoxetine" and also anti inflammatory, I tell my wife suffers from "multiple sclerosis", well sir, but not abuse.
I get three packs of medication, two of the anti inflammatory, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, two or three of analgesics, and nothing else, is enough
Pay what you ask without thinking and go faster than he repents. 
It has gotten out and begin to aggregate a large number of people in the door.
Luckily, I think, have arrived on time thank God.

Now to find a hardware store or shop around for one euro. 
You're last in the hands of the Chinese community. I hope that one is open and supplies last.

I'm journeying from one store to another, all are no stocks and some even looted, do memory and remember a small situated in a passageway little busy.
It is open, and immediately entered and I quickly grabbing everything I get it. 
There are too many items, but take a flashlight, several packs of batteries, a tool, large nails and a big hammer, matches, candles, disposable containers, garbage bags, and finally a large stock of all what occurs to me as I see in the middle shelves empty since. 
Buy a large duffel bag and introduce all bought into it.
I also purchased an ax and a machete, there were just two, without thinking I gripped them and take them hanging from my belt when I leave the store. Hardly nothing left, several buyers were doing what I, taking everything almost.

A good step and alert I go back to my house.
  A safe for today I think, as I open the door and hear the voices of Gloria, Cuca and child. 
It will be possible, is already saying something small, I do not want to go and scare him. 
If I do certainly shut up, so I walked in silence, I grabbed Gatufo waiting for me and I go to the studio where I have my stuff .
Storage on the floor, carefully, shopping and immediately my cat starts to smell the bags. He always wants to know everything that goes into the house and did not seem happy having a baby inside her.

I expected glued to the front door and then was knocked down to him scratch his belly.
How lucky you Gatufo, I think, you do not hear of anything that's happening out there.

I put the radio, and I try to tune in a station on the other side of the Atlantic. 
At last, I understand that it is Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, are giving news what happens in Canada. 
They say the disaster has not been so great in remote regions of British Columbia, it appears that large forests of the Rocky being saved until the time of disaster.

Alaska is also safe, say, recommend people to stay in their homes, in their cities, and not to rush into regions that still retain the trees.
They think that if the forest reserves are careful, will subsequently retransplantation, which would be a very good option to try to save the planet.

Good news, what say good? They are wonderful news coming up my spirits as one can imagine.
The world will not end today, God is merciful to the human race after all and do not want to erase from the face of this earth but we deserve it.

Two years ago my faith had it disappeared altogether from not remember when it was a convinced agnostic years, after spending a severe depression my mind and my spirit took a turn-eighty and now if I think, or at least try hard day after day.

I feel that God is there and hears us, although I do not believe or do not feel this sense of solidarity faith.
Hearing this news a deep joy
is spreading inside me. 

All is not lost for man, we learn ever not abuse this land that welcomes us ?. This will be a final notice, hopefully it is, and have a second chance.
I struggle to contain my joy and not give false hope to my people. 
Canada or Alaska are far away, and who tells me that in a few days would not be Like Europe ?.  
Calla not be mad, I say, and think it will not be the end of everything.

I'll see to Cuca, Gloria and small. TV sounds and remain very quiet.

 When I arrive I see you are giving just the news. 
There woodland in some places, they say, 
trust in other remote places on earth can retained trees, and recommend that we do not lose calm and hope. 
It is a crisis will happen, say although not know when.

At the moment the "curfew" remains in force for tomorrow in Europe and recommend not going outside. 
The soldiers and police have precise instructions not to allow circular anyone without permission in rule . If an emergency occurs recommend phoning emergency and expect not leave for any reason, esperaren for someone to go to the call.

We looked,  smiled with relief and hope lies between us as a soft and comfortable garment that comforts us .
Even little smiles and hugs her mother tightly. 

It's time we take something and go to bed, tomorrow is another day I think, a new day in this nightmare.

Gloria joins me in the kitchen and asks me if wish she prepares dinner.
With infinite relief would say yes, please put what is happening and told him where I keep the supplies.
No need to tell you that is austere with rations have to last us as possible, she knows it all too well and I think make it right.

I'll prepare the room for herself and her son, sure to be very tired and confirming my prognosis for dinner retire to the room.

We were alone Cuca, Gatufo and I, the Pussycat climbs over me as he always does and immediately falls asleep over my legs.

My lap or my thighs are the best Gatufo bed, sleep tight there soon after perching, and often the two together ronquemos . 
It relaxes me feel you up, emits an extremely pleasant warmth toning my joints and relax.

We spent some time in silence before getting ready to go to bed.
In recent years Cuca need my help for bed. I help him sit up, toileting, grooming, undress, lie in bed and finally let him lying before I do it myself.

Gatufo always with us, wants to play and gets in the middle, between her legs and no leaves her walking with her ​​walker the short distance makes from the wheelchair to the toilet or bed.

Never before have we prayed together, after many years of marriage in which she prayed silently and I slept right away, now we do it aloud. Usually me who the father asks God to protect us, to take care of our daughters and friends, forgive our faults, and always thank the three together in bed.
Gatufo always sleeps in the middle of the two. First he puts our feet when passing a while stealthy slides upwards and is placed too complacent in our midst. Crush Clothing and Cuca usually left uncovered as it sticks to it.

It is our daily ritual, once in bed and all is peace until the next day.
Lately that peace has disappeared from my head. I think what's going on for days and no council sleep.

Tonight I have a glimmer of hope and begin to feel that you are not running around.

We're going to be more complicated still four, will have to manage food thoroughly, but then I'll have help with Gloria to take care of the house and Cuca. 
It seems a strong and courageous young, sure will fit in well with us as long as this crisis. Then we'll find solutions for herself and her son.

With this thought I manage to fall asleep and move on, but my hard scarcely six hours sleep, suddenly I'm awake and wanting to throw me out of bed.
The first thought goes into the trees, it is not possible to have collapsed, did I dreamed? .
I go to the living room and peered across the street crystals viewpoint. The trees of the avenue where I live are lying on the asphalt and sidewalk. 

All leaves are huge piles that the wind carries from one place to another, making breathing a painful labor.
There will be billions of leaves fluttering all cities, all at once and no one managed to collect as was done before.

What does this government of monitor, trigger and control food. 
He would have to clear the streets of fallen trees and rotten branches, millions of leaves in the soil dusted everything. 
Allergies and coughs that accompany the common denominator to all. Even those who were not allergic before now are acquiring and conditions of asthma must be increasing to unsuspected.

Who cares about the situation we live ?, of course the authorities not only concerned with control, restrict and filter the news coming.

Absorbed I dozed until a loud noise does wake me from my sleep.
They're knocking on the door, not if you go see who is not expecting anyone and I have no mood for visitors.
They insist more strongly and I hear they call me Emiliano opens, we are. Opens please and call back with his knuckles.

I open immediately, they are not expected friends, living above us and did not know they were here.

Gatufo is not hidden, I should have realized that knows them.

Fidel, Maria, as you are ?, Pass, Pass fast, I do not like having the door open. Less now.

I thought you were not here, that happened ?, you were not at the beach?

Do not answer if you ask me.

What is happening ?, Emiliano you have any idea ?. We were at my daughter, back before because Mary was not well.
portended something, you know who is half witch.

that not tell you, we've run out of trees, a rare disease or virus that nobody knows he has done that go plummeting in a short space of time. There is not one, and that can not happen.
The evil is global, and no provision for any alternative to the disaster.

And the consequences, which can be Emiliano ?, I asked Mary.

I imagine very, very bad in reality.
Since the world is habitable, the trees have been there, with all the needy of these animals.
Now they go, collapse and die, may be the announcement of a not habitable for any living earth, which the fall of the forests could be the first vine step eradicate animal life.

Optimistic're not to say, answer me again she is not going to be so black, I'm sure a solution will be.

Hopefully you have loved right, but no vegetation, no life, no rain, no water, no food, everything will end in a short period of time.
It is my opinion, quite pessimistic and without much discretion, but I think this world we knew he is already very little.

And our grandchildren will happen to them ?, is now the one who asks me.

I do not know Fidel, you know we do not have grandchildren, our daughters did not want to be mothers.
At the moment I am glad, and is not see future for themselves in as parched as this land.

It Emilliano, stop, your words cause me chills and I prefer not to think about anything're suggesting. 

Just as well, go to the room that you have to file a friend and her son. 

I'm dripping with sweat, it is illogical as this ending September, but it seems that the summer begins again, passing day makes it much more heat.

The idea comes immediately, is it that the absence of trees raises temperature of the planet ?, and if so, to what degree is raising temperatures go ?.

Another problem more in which to think.

It's been several days since I left for the last time on the street. 
I have not had dire need to leave the house to get something we need, and I doubt I could already find anything you need.

We have food for almost a month if we manage. I have frozen some vegetable dishes theme vitamins and not if freezing vegetables vitamin C or other follow them.

No apparent lack of this vitamin in us and perhaps soon the symptoms of this deficiency appear. 
We have no fruit, no fresh produce and possibly soon begin gum problems and other undesirable symptoms associated with a lack of vitamin C.

The last purchase I made ​​was a generator and fuel to supply rationed maximum power outages increasingly numerous.

When the power goes out we were totally disoriented, put the group for ensuring that the frozen refrigerator are not lost, just now, and to boil water or cook some food for little Pedro.

Now starts to say something, he speaks to his mother and Gatufo, my wife and I currently do not enter into his world of silence.

There are fights and killings in the streets. The authority has virtually disappeared, the police and Civil Guard have been fed without resigning incentive to suppress and preserve order. 
How to order many would wonder if there is anything ?. ¿Suppress, shoot, restrain the people who fed and hopeless out to fend ?. No, they have said, in addition to serving us wages if no where to spend them.

Do not go to work, rubbish and waste flood the streets with what the atmosphere is unbreathable. Rats and vermin of all kinds swarming everywhere so that it becomes very difficult to walk without being assaulted by them.
Nobody trusts anyone, we are all potential enemies in the streets and who had a gun carries it to defend or to attack and rob who neglects or made ​​shot.

I assume that some still go to their essential work, no light from time to time, the water continues to flow from the tap at certain times, even television there are moments that works to put programs back or give any statement.

local news are also given mostly calm and recommended, it does not come out if not strictly necessary, and pray again and again not to participate in any protest or demonstration as no longer guarantee individual rights of anyone. 

Start being the only army patrolling the streets and do not walk punches. When riots or attacks, just shoot and go collecting and piling the dead nobody knows where.

A lot of people have left the city of Madrid, have left their homes northbound waiting to get somewhere where reigns the order and especially where there They have completely disappeared trees.

In the great mountain ranges in Europe, North, Canada and Russia remain forested areas where it has not completely collapsed the entire tree forest and life has some normalcy.

These areas are heavily guarded, do not allow the entry of strangers who invade their lands and have not done anyone who has left your home, your city or even your nation aspiring to occupy a place safe from disaster. 

The more you listen to the radio and more news how are you come to my knowledge, the greater my disappointment.

I do not see a solution to this disaster nor can we leave the house. 
What do ?, I wonder again and again, but do not want betray or bring my concerns to my wife, Gloria or the kid.

What has to happen will happen, why would you disturb them or put them the fear in the body ?. I see no object, so shut up and dissimulation.

A Gatufo can not bring discouragement, though the poor cat is sad when my perceives me sad and worried.
Nothing on me or the situation will go unnoticed by my cat, and is not as playful as usual before.

We can almost breathe healthy air hardly enters into our lungs.

As the days go by the atmosphere surrounding territories treeless has lost oxygen and the deaths of living weakened or ill have multiplied to the limit.

With little electricity emits almost no television, only manifest crisis cabinet in Brussels are read, which seek to reassure the public with absurd statements calling for calm as everything will be all right soon.
Neither they believe such a thing, no hope when the air we breathe is exhausted.

The termination will not be, hunger, wars, because the sun goes out, or a multitude of nuclear explosions.
The end of living things on earth shall be for lack of trees.
According to experts, an unknown and fulminant virus has attacked the entire global forest, only near the South or North Pole territories have escaped the catastrophe. say
Lands as Canada, Finland, Russia and Norway have escaped losing their forests.
Something similar happens in southern Argentina and Chile, who knows.
Maybe the cold in these latitudes the virus has stopped, and trees are those areas that generate little it is becoming oxygen we breath.

No results for all trees produce less than they consume living beings and widespread slaughter of thousands of millions will be necessary to balance the equation.

How many living beings will need to die to balance the scales ?. Nobody knows, it is possible that only one in a hundred, or a thousand, to survive.

The army has gathered all oxygen tanks that were in hospitals and industries.
They are providing the children and people who think will be necessary for our species survive the debacle.

But I ask you, who decides who and why ?. We know nothing about the matter, only remains for us to wait and stop completely in our activity to consume less oxygen as possible.

We are choking hopeless, it's only a matter of time, and despair or depression takes its toll on the entire human species.

At home our discouragement can not be concealed. The little whimpers of continuous coughing for almost all day and seems an asthmatic child when he had never been before.
His mother is desperate and he says it is willing to go north for your child better. 
I try to discourage because I think we have very little chance to come alive, but I have no arguments to desist, because here they can expect ?. 
To die millions of people to the atmosphere breathable for survivors ?.

makes no sense when his child has symptoms of utter exhaustion and asthma is preying on his lungs.

By age maybe my wife and myself need less oxygen our lungs no longer have the ability of a young and our bodies do not need much worn consumption the vital air to survive. 

Are you still thinking about go away ?, I ask her.

Yes, I have no choice. I can not witness inactive as life is leaving my son, I must do something, whatever. 
Although it costs us both life want to try.

I can not tell you anything to comfort you, I do not think that staying here you can expect to survive.

If my wife could walk and we were somewhat younger would go we with you as well, as we can not go with you.

I understand, and do not worry about us, we have a chance if we leave early, before the rout is general and million people begin to move towards northern Europe and Russia. 
We may have to walk thousands of miles or find some living means of transportation that can be dodging obstacles.

I'll see what I can do to facilitaros long journey. I'll contact some of my young friends to see if you can one go. We will have to look for a horse or mule that can make the journey with you. 

It will be very hard to find, and will cost a lot of money tells me.

It's just in a few days the money will be worthless assuming now worth something, which I doubt , you will pay with gold or jewels, I guess.

You do not have to, because we'll manage.

I want to do, and make possible so that you get to a place where you may survive.

Thank you, thank you, we can never forget you. If my son and myself will we survive with your help.

will continue ....

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