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Subjective or Objective, a word is the antonym of the other and it seems that both valuations may not be the same object, thought, opinion or any other idea that comes to mind. 

It's virtually impossible to be a thing and its opposite simultaneously, but always?.
A if it can be a no?. Or indeed a can not be interpreted as a yes?.

It depends on the context of the sentence or intention with which you say it. And indeed in our Castilian language both expressions are used together, simultaneously, in different phrases.

examples there are countless and one comes to "time"

+ If I did not write this keyboard could sentence    a simple question and reverse the order:

+ I feel like going to the movies, you're tired?
+ No if you want to go.

Examples relating to language, not as disparate as a YES or NO, but they combine.

If you look at what we call "time" there is nothing more objective and subjective that concept as measurable objectively or as little measurable subjectively. 

Ten minutes waiting at the end of a match make us endless if you're winning the game, every minute seems eternal.

On the opposing team loses, those ten minutes passed in a flash and minutes even seem to run rampant.

Time is measured objectively can not be measured subjectively. The time seems endless pain, the joy is always short.

Which is all the time an old man with a child?.
alike can measure?, or a teenager?, that of a lover who waits his beloved on the first date?.

The years of an adult life with a routine of work, home, weekend, work, home and a new weekend. One year, and another five, ten, fifteen, twenty years of routine, they leave in the memory when the older adult is?.

It's been without feeling, just twenty to forty, only changes in the environment, we in our children in the ways of life tell us that time has passed. Objectively we measure time by what surrounds us, for our own look. Subjectively, it seems like yesterday when we were kids and we had our first love.

I look back and live periods of time in my memories seem deliciously long for the happiness that report me or so intensely that were lived.
A trip, a vacation next of the beloved, in time became shorter and the memories we have years later they enlarge and occupy significant space in our time lived.

Years and years of living routine leave no trace, only suffering, loss, accident , holidays, breaks lots of years lived without any significant memory. Weeks, months, years, lived in a flash to our memory.

Lived shortens time when we have to remember and uninteresting even say that everything is recorded in our brain all that remains of a long life are small pieces of the we call time or anniversary.

The number of years, days, hours are measurable, but in our head form a shapeless heap of time than stand alone snippets of life.

Forty years are reduced to a few months, or even days where something happened in our life siginificantly, good or bad, and is actually what the final tally of an ancient succession of hours.

Emiliano remember one year and four months lived with intensity of love. 
Are not deleted, they have days and times, happy moments that remain etched in his memory.
Countless other years have become a lot report months or years that was becoming adult, senior, and why not? old, but in his mind does not want to admit it.  

With the mind we missed years, no measurable time, we can remain young to the very day of our death.

el gatufo

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