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Incredible, how two persons that know nothing about each other could be so pleased being together, walking, talking or going to a cafeteria. It doesn´t matter what they do or where they go, it is only the fact of being close, one from the other, just looking at the eyes, smiling, listening the voice of that person, it is enough to be happy. 

Just this is what feels Emiliano being at side of Maria Jose, but now same feeling is going through the soul of the girl. Who is this boy to give me so peaceful feelings, why I am so sure being at his side, he has something that soft my soul and I can open my heart to him, telling lot of things I don´t tell anybody before. He seems to understand which ever subject I could tell him, that is new for me, I am so pleased with him that it is better to enjoy his presence day after day without thinking anything about future. 

Next day I am going to see him will be Christmas, it is funny that after a year of talking so short with him now we have full afternoon to be close one from the other, talking and watching a nice film. He hasn´t take my hand yet, he is so serious and kind that is a pleasure to be at his side, I feel myself sure being close to Emiliano, why? I don´t know but it the reality of my feelings, I think this boy it is just different of the boys I have met before.
Emiliano doesn´t think, he only feels, he feels what happiness is, he doesn´t feel alone now. 

At last he has found a girl that please him all the ways, the one that he feels could be for him absolutely, the one to respect, to love, to be his/her friend for long, it is so clear that this boy doesn´t need to think about it. His feelings are up his skin as soon as he is beside Cuca, even if he could imagine her so close as to touch her face, her lips, her eyes, her nice little ears, her small hands. Everything about Maria Jose likes to this boy, not now it has been always so but he has not allowed himself to dream with her. Now he is dreaming awake the full day.

Once again Emiliano is going to meet Maria Jose by the subway, it takes forty minutes to go from his house till his girl house. But who care, he not of course, time goes fast being in the high spirit form he is now. He has taken the tickets yesterday morning after an hour in the row as this movie is the one now in Madrid´s theaters. Everybody wants to see “The Shoes of the Fisherman” with Anthony Quinn in the body of the Pope Kiril who is going to make an important role in the “Cold War” that in those times the world is suffering.
All is fiction by it is taken from the reality fights of The URSS and The EE.UU., this cold war could finally conduct to a nuclear war and The Pope Kiril has to go to Russia to talk with the Russian President Kamenev searching for an agreement.

Cuca is telling Emiliano the plot while they are walking to the subway station of Goya, after a while inside the train the get off in Bilbao Station. Close to this subway station there is the Paz Cinema where the film is exhibited. It is a long film, near to 170 minutes, so it is necessary to be early at the entrance.

Maria Jose is absolute interested in the movie, it is a spectacular film where you may see The Vatican city, the incredible Basilica of St. Peters, the Pope rooms, and all the cardinals with their purple garments. 

She is enjoying the film, even more than Emiliano that is watching her by the corner of his eye sighs. She is at his right and the boy could see his face so gorgeous and quiet. She is really nice thinks Emiliano looking at her and he is conscious of her ears adorned with two earrings hanging two or three centimeter.
The earrings are beautiful and fix with splendor Cuca face, so without thinking they are in the Cinema he says Maria Jose that she looks beauty with that earrings so brilliant and nice hanging from her ears. 

That is all but enough to the girl to realize that she likes to emiliano, now is clear for her only with this phrase of him she knows that Emiliano is not only a friend, he wants to be something more for her. 

Well she is pleased with the idea, so he has been so silence all this time when in fact he looks me with loving eyes, that´s very good indeed, this boy is like a box of secrets to me, he is not boring, what could be inside his soul so serious, quiet, calm and attend with me. Yes, nice, he is really nice with me and to me, I am looking him with good eyes from this moment. 

After that day everything between Maria Jose and Emiliano starts to change. There is another feeling coming beside friendship little by little love is opening his way inside their minds a hearts. In less than two months they are really in love one with the other, being also like the best friends to talk with every day, at mornings and at evenings.

Let stop the story in this Christmas day of 1968 as events since now between Maria Jose and Emiliano will be going very fast.

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