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Is there something similar to that? Something so bad as living into a deep depression? Something so worst as don´t want to live a single day more? Something like a feeling of not being understood even for the people you love more?.w 
Something so estrange as not having strength to do anything? Something so awful as to be in bed for hours not wanting to know anything about your world, the people you love, your work or interests? Something so peculiar as not be interested about your money, the news, or the friends?. Not wanting to talk with anyone, or seeing other people. not wanting to pick up the telephon and feeling you have not voice, your tune is low, different, you have a continuous pain, it seems the time so long, every day it is a torture and you want only to die as soon as possible?

Such kind of feelings that no body round you, or even yourself can´t understand it is what a depressed person feels for one and another day....til when?. Thats the question repeated several times a day.

It seems that your mind is clear because you may think, you think too much but everything it is without any bright. 
There is not hopes, you feel that have fall in a deep hole and it is nearly imposible to go up from it. 
Yes it seems it is not possible for you to be out from it.
(But it is posible, have in mind that)

Impossible to enjoy your life, you are not hungry, always thirsty because your mouth is dry, so many pills taken gave you a sensation that you need to drink every moment. 
Money for what? You have not any interest in spending it as there is nothing you may feel interested. 
The only thing you want more it is to be in the bed for hours sleeping, without thinking any more.
When you have the sensation of being a trouble to the people you love, you are a burden so heavy that not any body knows what to say you, how to give you any help and it seems you have not any will to get out from that situation. 
You hate any kind of advise friends could gave you, yes it seems easy for them but who could understand the way you are following day after day. 

Such a big effort to survive.

The feeling of being so bad it is going to long for ever, is it just what you think?, what you feel? every morning, a new day for what? to suffer it so many hours? It is better to be asleep as much as possible, not thinking, not seeing any body, not having to talk, not having to live. 

Little by little you think it is better just to be dead, you are a burden and the people you love sure they would be better without you. So why not, it is easy to die when you have not any will to be alive.

But how? when?, which is it the best form?. The insane idea comes and goes continuously once and again along every day, along a week, a month, a year......till when?. For ever?, yes it seems that you, me. are going to live this way without any rest for years, or for ever, who knows?. So great effort to go on a day after another.

What can I said about THAT?.

A single thing... it is not true, it is not true my all means it si not TRUE.
It is necessary to fix this idea inside your, my, mind deep inside every second you, me, are living this unhappy situation.

After living a depression twice I know that yes, it is possible to be out from it if you fight with all you forces to be out from the black túnel, up from the deep hole you think are being to stay for life, or for too long, so long that you think it could be impossible to resist your sorrows, your insane thoughts, your sadness, your absolute lack of interest about life.

Not anybody may understand what a depressed person is feeling at least for all of them that have not suffered at least one through their life. 
Unthinkable to every one close to you, or me,  how much this depressed person is suffering if you have never gone by a similar situation, and it is best not to have gone ever through it.

Other kind of sickness it is very understable for people despite they have never be sick or have passed through such a bad episode of illness but not a depression if they have not suffered one.
So please, people who knows nothing about it, do not give any advise to a depressed one, it is for nothing and the only result could be to exasperate even more the depressed one.

Living beside a depressed son, wife, father or lover it is like being in hell, you don´t know what to do, what to say, how to cared the loved relative or lover. All seems too difficult, and sometimes the loving relation it is finished after passing through that.
The lover who resist this in his partner it could be because she or he loves very very much, as at the end the atmosphere could be really hard of resisting. 

Yes, having pass through twice living experiences of depression I could know what I am talking about and I know quite well how bad a depression could be for the person who suffers it and the people who is living close to him/her.

There is nothing similar to suffering this illness, because the person who suffers it is sick, very sick by all means, and he/she needs treatment and too much love. Patience, a strong charácter beside him or her, and first of all the idea that at the end this depression has cure. 
Yes it has cure, despite we all think that going through a situation so bad there is not any hope. 

All we need to know and be sure about that, the depressed one first,  it is a period of time that has its end. That it is necessary to much will to go through it day after day, obeying the doctor, taking the pills, eating without any desire, to get up from bed early, to go for a walk once a day or even more, not to think in killing oneself as the best option. No, this option has not return, having depressed has return to a new situation that have positive reactions inside the feelings of people that return from it. Usually for good, yes, we are another kind o person once we feel better, once we feel the depression is off from our soul. Again we enjoy the fact of being alive and we use to be better persons after all.

Life has another meanings so, not everything is bad after all, as which ever thing that makes us suffering  and it don´t kill us the end makes us more strong.
It is for sure, I have the experience already.

Who suffers knows what is the fact of living with this feeling, suffering every momento for a long time, and the lack of it makes us more happy. It is like being born once again.
Usually it makes us more human, we accept better the other people suffers.  

Too much hope for people who can read this, my experience has been bad, too bad for twice but at the end just now I am right. Happy of living again, once time more. With time to reconciliate with my world, with God, with persons that love me or not love me. It is the same, another time, another life, another bright in common things as breath, as seeing a nice picture, or have a good talk.

In the midle of a deep depression, please think that being happy again in future it is possible after all. Have always this thought inside your mind dear friends.

el gatufo

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