viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017


LIKE I loved you no one will love
When you wake up you´ll don´t find me
I´ll be missing from you.

My lonly heart you´ll never feel again
Unrequite lover not one day more
without your love iI will live my love.

Your time will be pass

No love like mine would you ever find
never so beloved your life would be.

My absence in hearbreak.

Soon after you´ll suffer
and my today´s pain I´ll not desire
you my dear heart broken heart.


What do you feel when without me you are?
Perhaps you perceive that I am not
Or are you still absoved in your living?


You never look at me, don´t you love me more?
you are never willing to talk
what do you think about?
whom are you thinking all time
that you are so still 


Without you one more day
Endure hell every morning

So long not ending nights
In my eternal loneliness.

I thought you should be always
And you go, you're gone
Without a goodbye you left me
not a single word more.

Today I woke up without you
Where are you? always thinking
This world was not for you
So soon you left me
Knowing  I do not live any more.

Your absence can not face
Wherever you are soon I will be
Again traveling together
Another new path to walk.

Hand in hand forever
Happy at last to be together
To run a life, another endless life
That is my hope that leads me
To spend the rest of my life without you.

el gatufo

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