sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016


Yes I miss the pen use some years before but 
It seems like a contradiction but I like the keyboard either.
The keyboard has a soft contact too for me, once I rest 
my fingers on it, every single finger to its right place I feel
something very special, sometimes it could be as a sensual
caress that make me feel happy.
Other times it could be like the power of seeing the letters
going fast on the screen thinking that in a short time later
these words would be out from home no body knows 
on which other screen will be reproduced my own thoughts. 

Close to me there is a person that says that my place in the
world is in front of a screen typing fast and searching by 
the web.
Doing that hours seems minutes and I feel happy so 
may be this person has a sharp sight to see inside me
better than me.

Sure it could be so and now it is my chance of saying, yes I like
the keyboard of my computer till the same level than 
my lost pen or even more if I am sincere. 
The keyboard gives me the option of sending this message
as far as never before I could imagine.
It is like a dream science fiction writers never thought before
and I like to read this kind of books being a young boy.

In fact every single person has the magical opportunity of 
being in touch with the rest of our globe.
I could write tipping the softness of my computer thinking
a moment later my words would be out in the cyberspace
something I could never hoped before when I was writing on
a paper being indoors.

Could be that there is something in the way of typing that 
reflex my mood too?.

Who knows?

If I am right everything goes like silk, no mistakes, not missing
words and the mind is clear to write fast and in a short time.
Being just a little nerves or in bad mood I hit the keyboard 
with my fingers and the wrong writing appears for sure.

What I don´t do write it is just reading after what I have written
before, having such a bad rule all king of mistakes go away
out my computer also.

So long friends. 

El Gatufo.

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