domingo, 25 de diciembre de 2016


Without you one more day
endure hell every morning
in my eternal and loneliness.

I thought you'd be with me always
And you go, you're gone and
Saying goodbye you left me
not a word more.

Today I woke up without you
where you are
This world was not for you
so young you left
not knowing that I do not live any more.

Your absence can not face
wherever you are soon I be
again traveling together
another new path for walk.

Hand in hand forever
happy to be together again
to run a life, another life and endless
that is my hope that leads me
to spend the rest of my life without you.

You never look at me, don´t you love me more?
you are never willing to talk
what do you think about?
whom are you thinking all time
that you are so still 

Long time waiting
such a bliss
and so fleeting was that I
it did not good to be true
faithful to whom, an idea
I never thought that the illusion
was so short, that without your
as soon awaken love would be
a daily pain instead of love
Living without you it is an impossible
I never thought I could bear

LIKE I loved you no one will love
When you wake up you´ll don´t find me
I´ll be missing from you.

My lonly heart you´ll never feel again
Unrequite lover not one day more
without your love iI will live my love.

Your time will be pass

No love like mine would you ever find
never so beloved your life would be.

My absence in hearbreak.

Soon after you´ll suffer
and my today´s pain I´ll not desire
you my dear heart broken heart.

What do you feel when without me you are?
Perhaps you perceive that I am not
Or are you still absoved in your living?

el gatufo

sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016


Yes I miss the pen use some years before but 
It seems like a contradiction but I like the keyboard either.
The keyboard has a soft contact too for me, once I rest 
my fingers on it, every single finger to its right place I feel
something very special, sometimes it could be as a sensual
caress that make me feel happy.
Other times it could be like the power of seeing the letters
going fast on the screen thinking that in a short time later
these words would be out from home no body knows 
on which other screen will be reproduced my own thoughts. 

Close to me there is a person that says that my place in the
world is in front of a screen typing fast and searching by 
the web.
Doing that hours seems minutes and I feel happy so 
may be this person has a sharp sight to see inside me
better than me.

Sure it could be so and now it is my chance of saying, yes I like
the keyboard of my computer till the same level than 
my lost pen or even more if I am sincere. 
The keyboard gives me the option of sending this message
as far as never before I could imagine.
It is like a dream science fiction writers never thought before
and I like to read this kind of books being a your boy.

In fact every single person has the magical opportunity of 
being in touch with the rest of our globe.
I could write tipping the softness of my computer thinking
a moment later my words would be out in the cyberspace
something I could never hoped before when I was writing on
a paper being indoors.

Could be that there is something in the way of typing that 
reflex my mood too.

If I am right everything goes like silk, no mistakes, not missing
words and the mind is clear to write fast and in a short time.
Being just a little nerves or in bad mood I hit the keyboard 
with my fingers and the wrong writing appears for sure.

So long friends. 

El Gatufo.

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2016


Fidelity and suffering

If you think in dying with you I die

Together in the trip of not return
Tired of living without hopes
With this daily torture you feel
Wishing the end of that suffering

If you feel that life is your wish

Living with you day after day is my will
Watching the smile in your face 
or the firm fight of your character
that strong wants a day more together

My partner´s life I´ll do mine your wishes

Prepared I am to make your trip each second
That life is discovering in fateful time
Of illness, suffering and hopelessness
till the moment you think it is the end.


Nights in Silence

At night the desire to keep awake
So late ..What´s the reason to be up
Alone with myself I am
Quite at this hour I think

Asleep you are close to me

Early in the morning I am
Enough time to meditate in silence
but I feel little noises of the house

Your breath, the rain´s drops

a voice that far breaks the morning
So, without any witnessess
finally I take the pen and start to write

Love you so much my dear

than I don´t want to make any noise
Listening your breath I know your presence
that bright me every moment of my life.


The Wait

Far away of our yesterday world

So quite we see the passage of the days
Gathering enough time to your freedom 
I see the sunset that it shortens the time limit
Uncertain future we await without hurry

So, although these isolated prisoner we are
feel closer than ever we feel each other.


Lost   (always lost.....again and again) 

Lost I am without your happiness

It gives me strength to continue this path

followed together since so long time
Can´t remember waking up without your lap.

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2016


Otra obra maestra del controvertido y no demasiado simpatico en ciertos círculos progres de Mel Gibson.

Para mi la mejor película que he visto este año, sin dudarlo un segundo, y seguramente Hollywood volverá a ignorar a Mel Gibson no por su magnifica e increible película, si no mas bien por lo poco agradable, o aceptable que resulta en los círculos Holliwodienses.

Es, y debe ser, una candidata al Oscar como mejor película, y el sin dudarlo como mejor director.
¿Serán consecuentes y apreciaran solo el buen, magnifico, absoluto buen cine de este no simpatico director?.

Cuando recuerdo dos de sus últimas magnificas películas francamente lo dudo.

No he visto nada parecido en años aunque recuerdo otras dos magnificas, espléndidas películas de Gibson "Apocalypto" y "La Pasión de Cristo" que tambien me impresionaron muy favorablemente y por las que ganó algún Oscar secundario en la primera y ninguno en la segunda, a pesar de ser premiadas fuera de los ambitos de la Meca del Cine.

El Caso de Mel Gibson es renglón dificil igual que sucede con otro de los grandes genios maltratados durante años y que finalmente fué reconocido como lo que es, uno de los mejores directores en vida que hoy tiene el Septimo Arte.

No entiendo el motivo de mezclar la persona con su obra. Un genio es lo que es, genio, y no debiera cuestionarse si es de mi onda política o no lo es.
Se manipula el arte, el cine, la literatura, e incluso los Nobel.

A todo aquel que le guste el cine, el buen cine, las obras maestras del septimo arte les recomiendo encarecidamente: 

Hacksaw Ridge (Hasta el último hombre) (2016)

Durante casi dos horas y media me ha tenido pegado a la butaca y con la emoción a flor de piel.
No entiendo como ha podido ser rodada, resulta espantosamente real y sales asqueado de lo que es y han sido las guerras entre los hombres que hoy continuan sin piedad.

Película antibelica por antonomasia, falta hace en los tiempos que nos toca vivir, y ¿Oscars?.....esa es ya otra historia.

el gatufo


Otoño en Madrid es la mejor época del año para pasear sin estar agobiado por el calor del verano ni el frio helador de enero.

Si hay la gran suerte de pasear por el Retiro pueden conseguirse
bellas puestas de sol como las que ayer mismo logré andando
muy cerca del estanque.

Como un turista mas, de los cientos de miles que desfilan por esta ciudad sorprendente me entretengo ahora caminando y llevando 
presta mi cámara para tomar las imagenes que me gustan de esta 
mi ciudad de Madrid que cada día que pasa me gusta más.

el gatufo