sábado, 29 de octubre de 2016



When I get up Gatufo gives me his good morning, be at my side in bed, looking at me and meows like saying good morning emiliano.
When I leave the bedroom he jumps out from above the bed and run with me around the house.

He goes into the bathroom, comes into the living room, climbs on top of my legs when I open the pc., He curls up on my legs and goes back to sleep.

If I entertain myself in dressing he grabs one of the shoes and tries to stick his head in it.
A little neglect me hiding under the couch and makes me pull down, played with and reaching out having to remove the shoe from under the couch.

Gatufo is always playful, good mood, not a day that does not come with me and pull on the floor looking for me to scratch him or playing just a Little.

It is a constant joy to have you my cat by my side since his mood does not change becomes even more affectionate when I find something low morale.

And this is  Gatufo, my good friend.


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