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domingo, 4 de septiembre de 2016


(written before and after the plenary session in the Spanish Cortes where ridicule has again perpetrated) 

According to popular wisdom, the burras hard time bringing offspring into the world, hence the saying that when something after strenuous efforts achieved "and has parido the donkey "it can be applied to politics in Spain.
Even so, today can not be applied because the donkey has not given birth to a government. The most unthinkable can happen in this country of charanga and tambourine, Antonio Machado, has passed since their lordships are still doing their job and there is no government, only absolute embarrassment to the inability of these people to which we all pay.
Shocking is that Mr. Sanchez that could have facilitated the delivery, do not seem to learn that if they return to repeat the elections the people, if the people that they have so forgotten them punished with a vengeance at the polls assuming we were to vote that is already a big assumption. it is quite possible that they get even fewer votes than they took in the last, the worst in its history, but do not learn. 

We are sick, you, I, we all are very tired of this dreadful ridiculous, if the European rechufla and some abroad.  it is a mockery to all who have participated in what they call democracy. the covenant or delivery of the donkey, PP and Citizens, it has not been for nothing and after a filthy show where again their lordships have demonstrated their complete and utter uselessness some wonder whether this system is good for something. we have ninguneado and some as participate in all previous calls we wonder if we will return to participate or give you the finger to the entire system, including congressmen, senators, and all the paraphernalia that surrounds them. 

Adding more to this boring and hackneyed matter the truth is that most of those who we feel Spanish us It gives almost all the same, by dint of repeating the same singsong of the elections, the endowment, and all that stuff, me and many like me going to matter a damn what happens in congress officials, as they are that and nothing more, officials who do not meet the work for which they were elected. 

Agreeing and rule, that and for that they are paying our taxes which are many.  we do not pay them to repeat the show over and over again plunging this country in absolute shame. I have no words to describe the embarrassment I feel when I witnessed what happened. how sucking these people? I wonder, are not ashamed to abuse this form of our patience being able to repeat for the third time an election. 

Suspended all of you, do not serve, not serve the system, it is good to take our hair already.

 the gatufo

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