martes, 20 de septiembre de 2016


It was another day of last year that I could remember so well now tha I am living alone without her.

A more experienced days or one day less to reach the goal fixed in time unknown and very true for all of us.That counts for me, or for you, you lived or what remains for us to live ?. 

We might ask ourselves, or be aware that the truth is this time against pc.escribiendo these lines, and that there is nothing more nor backward or forward. the past no longer exists, the future still less, then it is now, the next second and just what I do is the only real thing, writing while I eat dinner. 

Another day lived normally, smoothly, without trips abroad, up at half past eight, toilet, and a few games with the iPad to finish waking up. Gatufo comes always with me, give me the good morning colocádose to me, he looks at me and drops to the floor to play with.

Then climbs on my lap and I hope the arrival of Chari that about nine opens the door. It always comes with a stable mood, hails from the door, walks into the kitchen and then going to the bedroom to kiss Cuca. Then we give the good morning, we greet with affection, a kiss on the cheek and begins the morning. Another morning more, toilet Cuca, lift and in a while we ate breakfast three in the dining room already cold note. Wediscussed the appalling attack Turkey, the huge number of deaths and injuries that have caused two explosions in the middle of a mass demonstration for peace. it is insane that people who wanted peace festively with parcartas and dances have been cut short their lives in a series of cruel and senseless acts.the horror is already everyday and imposes itself off news that sometimes embitter any optimism for the human race.  

Since they have written records is established that the human being has sitematicamente destroyed their fellowmen, he has killed, has decimated other living creatures populating this planet and deteriorated their environment to unsustainable limits. the future inheritance for the next one hundred thousand years will rediduos contaminates atomic surreptitiously buried in deep drilled caves in the rock and remain there when we are gone from this planet. to what or who defile ?. It seems that we do not care and continue burying radioactive waste without any remorse. Years ago threw the canisters to the deep abysses of the ocean, and I wonder what will ?, not seem therefore considered that the drums due to grandisima pressure of thousands tons of water could burst releasing crap all the seas and rivers of the globe. rain down radioctiva water, we would drink our tomatoes radioctividad and regariamos gradient plutonium. 


Our regret is mitigated when they cease news, TV off, and We had to face the new day. 

Cuca read his mail, which daily sends you our eldest daughter. No fault has spent fifteen years writing daily to her mother. A few lines is the answer you can write before feeling pain in the ribs. Soon no longer hold and notice to Chari to the bed again. No one came, no phone rang and the morning has quietly passed enlivened with music Cuca asked me from the bed.  

Can you get "The Barber of Seville" ? I asked, and I like right ?, I look forward to please so for at least two and a half hours have sounded the voices of performers including Maria Callas was playing the role of Rosina. Wonderful music, extraordinary voices in which stands the incredible interpretation of the great diva, Maria Callas embroidering paper. CD recording is 1958 and it is magnificent. We ate some potatoes with chickpeas and fish they were delicious. I have not left anything as usual. It is curious that Chari said, and said, who can not cook.

I try to play the characters as I read and slowly'll be taking up. I read for about forty minutes and we have subsequently seen the second episode of the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" continues well but is now in a moment of rest . 

No action although the protagonists are preparing for the big race, or at least I think. As I write I have dinner, and I only need to wish good night and the day tomorrow be propitious to us.

the gatufo

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