sábado, 13 de agosto de 2016


What about us humans?. There is no second day someone dies not slaughtered, murdered, raped, by one or more other humans.  
Humans butchered by the same fellow beings like themselves.

Other living beings in this world kill to eat, or to survive, to kill us humans ?. That order or we have in our minds to assassinate each other. To crush the weak, cebarnos with the innocent, inventing the worst destructive weapons imaginable. He started with a rock, a stick, a jaw beef or lamb, and so gradually have been used, knives, swords, spears, arrows, maces, fire, stones, boiling oil, rifles, pistols, aircraft, missiles , and even massively gases that kill our fellow man.

It is a malignant virus which is within our existence that makes us so aggressive, violent, slaughterers, with ourselves and our fellow ?. They say God made ​​us in his image and likeness, that astonishing mystery and is to doubt frankly, it can not be that the image or likeness of God, the supreme being all goodness, may be the man throughout its entire existence. Evil, murder, war, famine and so continue. It will never learn ?.

Goodness is inside the human soul, of course, less bad, but there are also many doses of evil, violence, mindless aggression that leads us to kill our fellow human beings do not know why, for what purpose, and that brings us such repeated attitude million times, today, yesterday, and thousands of years before.

We have the gift of gab but do not talk to our neighbors, our brothers, we can write and we do not, we can reason and not reason. Simply we kill to impose our view, by taste, divertimento, simple and clear evil. And most of the time by ambition, power and money. We forget that we die, sooner rather than later, and to live well and in peace need not hoard wealth, power and hatred.

The world is mired in extreme violence of the human race, as always, it destroys itself and other living beings, as long as all this with an end ?. I myself look inside myself and I can be violent in other circumstances, in other religious or dictatorial environments. Nobody can understand what happens today, yesterday, or tomorrow. We'll finish all that exists ?. Can be.

I have no explanation for this, nobody does, kindness and extreme evil, that is the human being. Good Samaritan, good father, good mother, and cruel murderer simultaneously if need be.

Who can understand ?.

More than questions "to be or not be that is the question" or "who I am, where I come where I'm going," could think of why we do so much harm to our fellow men and ourselves, while we are charitable, solidarity, patients.

Frankly it is very difficult to understand ourselves.

But life, death, kindness, sadism and violence continue today in any part of the globe, and particularly in certain areas called "hot" of a lifetime. They fight, kill, die innocent and this continues more. It will happen as usual, which in recent years in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon and many other areas?

Today there are more than 22 countries in war.
There are more than 600.000 sodier´s children.

Too bad not being able to understand each other.

the gatufo

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