domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


(A wedding anniversary)


Immense love hidden in the routine
of two singular lives. 

Yours and mine joined by  "I do"
granted 46 years has. 

United forever until death
do us part

Words that say might undermine 
great enigma. 

Absolute ignorance of how will be for
he or she. 

Sharing surprise one after another 
living this quiet love. 

Humor everyday to joyful situations
or adverse days.

After many years we repeat if I want
that "I do" on a day like today. 

Yes, we do together for ever and ever
till die separate our love. 

Same words two young inexperienced younger
said giving life and heart. 

Faced with an unknown and uncertain future
that has changed everything. 

Here we are together again too many years after
willing to continue loving each other.

Without regard for what has been or will
be our future tomorrow or after next month.

Once again we say "Yes I do" for ever and ever
my dear love. 

for Cuca.

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