viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016


Long way is to live certainly we walk  blind knowledge of the route to follow.
We ask God to enlighten us but we know nothing of tomorrow, if alive follow the path of life or blind will walk to "who" awaits us to bring sooner rather than later an eternal rest.

I don´t know if I´m going
I don´t know if I´m coming
I don´t know where I´m going
I don´t know even where I am

I only know that 
walking I am, going or coming?
to where? I ask myself once and again
one day and another never stoping

Stoping? when? I don´t know
Only may be when without strenth to follow
one day walking the path sudenly stoping
not knowing where I was going or be

Walking not any way that day or other
stoping at the end not knowing when
but sure it will be now or then, tomorrow or now
but I never mind if being at your side I walk

Only being sure walking that I love you
as not anybody ever love other one
I will be ever going your way today and tomorrow
At the end peace on me when all it´s over

Or you will be out of my life. 

to Cuca 

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