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Cuca wanted to ask you something, if you do not mind, and I'd like you to be honest and I will answer clearly if you want to please me. We'll see, hopefully not be too intrusive.

Nape talk about your disease, which may be the reason for that issue hardly touch it, complain, or just tell us how you feel a particular day could be today for example. I'm always in pain, sometimes strong others less so, ie I'm never good without it hurts me or disturb something.

If it is not strong can achieve continued forget the pain if I'm doing something to entertain me, and it's just fun to be what I always try to do.
the mind is always active, busy, watching a movie, typing on pc., playing with the Tablet, reading, ultimately always busy to avoid thinking and feeling the least pain. Satisfied your curiosity ?.

Not at all, I have many questions to ask and I think they can be useful to inform about this disease that you suffer or to the interests of persons who may be in your situation.

It's not easy being in the situation of a patient in general, less than one who suffers from multiple sclerosis, each disease feel differently and behave differently depending on the people, evolution, and even our own is no disease like another, just as there is no birth equal to another for even a woman alum five children each will come into the world with different feelings by the mother, the disease is the same, applies to different patterns forever.

I see you're very knowledgeable Cuca.

I had plenty of time to do so, have given birth to three daughters, was that spoke and took fourteen years supporting MS.

you think of it?. Well, if you're an expert in both subjects, excuse my remarks but one needs, I think, if we are well informed.

Okay, okay, no apologies, you keep asking what you want if you think all this can be useful for someone, but I doubt it.

Cuca not hesitate and goes on to relate aspects of your life and your illness if you can meet to discuss this issue.
Let's start with anotomía rather than history and imagine that we go to a class where the science teacher explains how our body, we go.

The brain is the master enterprise we call the human body, is the one who gives orders to do this or do the other, that we are clear. In the morning we are in bed thinking "get up" and even the brain orders up our legs, arms, body, muscles are generally not put in motion to sit up and go to the bathroom once standing. The legs seem move on their own, but not the brain that coordinates all movements and who sends impulses or orders, musclesto walk our body, legs moving, and remain in balance.

These nerves that connect the muscles of the legs with the master, with the brain, are thin wires coated with a substance all of them, all along, called myelin.

As a copper wire needs to be protected with a layer of plastic or rubber protects it from outside, from unwanted contacts, until it reaches its destination and drop the current to turn on the light or the washer operation, the nerves that connect the brain with all organs, joints, muscles, etc. the body those nerves need be protected with a layer called myelin.
So far it is clear? Yes, very clear Cuca, I think that everyone understands it.

Well, then we leave at this point, you think interviewer unnamed ?.

OK, whatever you say, I am your desires Cuca. Thank you, see you soon then.

the gatufo....who make questions

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