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lunes, 14 de diciembre de 2015

Monday's debate in TV.

There will be someone who has not heard that there is a debate on Monday 14th?, not that´s for suere, and I say sarcastically as is logical because I hardly watch TV I've heard dozens of times.

In addition I have also learned of the move of workers, technicians and other paraphernalia staying amazed both preparation for two people exposed before the cameras, how many ?, 17 cameras have read, projects, promises, ideas and of course one opposite the other in a verbal battle without quarter.

Not me not at all interested in such a discussion, and I have decided to vote and such an event will not change one iota, as I imagine happens to many future voters.

And do not leave my astonishment when I think that a something so trivial can influence the decision that you take the time to cast votes. 
But is that someone believes something is proposed there ?. Any politician in this country, or other, that perhaps fulfill its electoral program, not to mention the promises and harangues that during these days have endeavored to proclaim loudly.

I once went to a rally in the late seventies, novelty after failure to vote during the dictatorship, and after witnessing what I saw and hear what the leader said after the ceremony a few days, promised myself that never again would go to such an act.

Mr. in question, which Name prefer silence as it passed away years ago, said last some time:

The electoral promises do not comply, and no doubt had good reason, because neither he nor nobody has subsequently complied with.
Some if not mention it, but most They were parked on the night of oblivion.
And forgive an example in the following: There was a time when I signed the leaflets advertised by the PSOE when it was in opposition to the non-entry of Spain into NATO, the slogan was "of NO input. " 
It was curious that once won the elections, in which I voted for them, if made ​​a led by the same Psoe referendun in which it stated the absolute convenience of NATO membership, and even one of their leaders Javier Solana was the Secretary General and conducive ordered the bombing of Serbia in the past, and forgotten by almost all Balkan war.

For example, like the above, and some more that I remember and I prefer not to have (the list is endless) it is more than enough for this writer and not make anything at all of what they promise or supportive politicians who want to seize power with his hands, and rule that once gripped or just touched forget immediately their promises, their ideologies or whatever it takes just to stay in the chair of the Congress, the Senate or more still gripping the rudder control.

However I recognize that journalists and the media all this gives much play, so repeated ad nauseam that on Monday there is a debate.

Then come the speculations and surveys of who has won and who has lost.

mind something that to whom this happening canutas, who has no work or hope, who have been expropriated from home and lost any expectation of recovering or brand new, and so many fellow citizens who have nothing and who know that all these people talk and promises then does what no one can foresee, that hopefully if they are honest.

It's not my case, I have other problems unresolved, but I frankly care less about the vaunted discussion, I am very sorry but it is the truth and I am not goin to lost my time watching 
anything like.



Today I have Asked my wife Cuca if she is going to see the discussion
and She Said I Do I prefer to see a good nice moviel as
none of them are not going to do anything right or good to solve
my problem.
She is Suffering multiple sclerosis and she haven't received any
kind of help.

That's my point of view either.

the gatufo

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