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The d'Hondt system

It is clear that the system chosen by the Spanish govern that rules the destiny of this country does not work.

Doing that it has had happened just what happened, a variety of disparates and conflicting parties voted ready to check nonsense.

Inoperative and even non-democratic method of choosing a president government and congresists persons.

 In the previous election of parliament seats for the d'Hondt system that clearly favors the majorities of sick unfairly used.

In politics , the d'Hondt system is a method of converting votes into seats , created by Victor d'Hondt , characterized by dividing through different divisors total of the votes obtained by the various parties, resulting sequences decreasing ratios for each party and the seats allocated to the highest averages. 1
Of the methods commonly used for proportional conversion of votes into seats, the d'Hondt method, being quite proportional, tends to favor a bit more than other large parties. 2
The D'Hondt system is often accused of being the main culprit in favor the major parties, however there are two circumstances that favor much more to these parties. small constituencies and the minimum percentage so you can choose to be represented

In addition to the non-existence of open lists and direct election of a president of government in first or second round, directly elected by the citizens, we find a complicated and unworkable as we have today in Spainish political situation.

The majority lists can be sentenced to be opposition because an agreement among other parties decide against all odds choose one of the his, at this time Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Iglesias, as heads of government without being at all the largest party. 

An absolute and total nonsense favored by an unjust and obsolete system that condemns citizens to be mere spectators of regional national policy, or show, as is the case in Catalonia that takes a considerable period of time withouth a sitting president. 

Just incredible situation.

Under my opinion this does not work, the citizens of this country think we should have more influence and decision when choose who we want to be the prime minister, other than if once elected can have greater or lesser support in the Chamber of Deputies.  

And it is not enough reason to argue that this is not a republic where the president of government is the head of state I'm sorry but do not swallow me.
It can be a parliamentary monarchy and have a different system of elections that we hold, unfair and not proportional to the number of votes and where citizens are mere extras that turn to deposit a closed as an expression of list our vote.

For my part I wish people not to vote for lists.

Greetings and a Happy Christmas to all.


 the gatufo

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