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Mi mas oculto deseo fue siempre ser escritor y aprender varios idiomas. He llegado a defenderme bien en Ingles y chapurrear algo de Frances. El cine y la fotografia me fascinan. La música, de todo tipo, ha sido siempre mi relax. La amistad la valora mas que a nada en la vida.

jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013


I get the feeling you are Emiliano pissed all day, you do nothing more than write with some fury seeming to hate everything around you, judges, politicians, unemployment, the crisis, the lack of hope, start have a boring broken record.
Sure at this rate you will lose readers who feel depressed by the amount of bad news and for your continuous anger.

You should tell us more fun things, anecdotes, what do you do, what makes Gatufo, how you feel you look good in the world around you in order to optimism and hope it is what we need to transmit when you write.

You're right for once, whoever you are, unnamed interviewer, storytelling, or curious and heavy that explores our lives and propagates the Web. Are you not ashamed to be so nosy?. Having our little secrets and you can always taking off from inside?.

No, I'm not ashamed, it is my mission to dig inside people. Like I do with you doing with others.
There are many like me who are dedicated just to that, to dig, to help the emotions to surface and people like you Emiliano, or other link to download the pack and I release them from your hidden feelings.
Psychiatrists we network, we have no name, only awareness and imperceptible entity for most people.
Restless as  you are and so worry as we have to meet and make a therapeutic work with you and with other like you my friend.

Interestingly, no idea you were at heart a good person and not a nosy jerk, as you usually look like.

Emiliano now it's your turn, you have to tell us something that interests us about yourself, which I think is going to be difficult.

Think about it, my life is not fun or varied precisely and I doubt that matters to anyone, but make an effort following your advice.

To begin and not well precisely, I have a terrible flu for about ten days, I have been coughing so much pain because of back pain that keeps me awake at night.
If I'm lying is like needles pricking me in the lower back while I cough, all I can not sleep in my bed. I have attached to a easy chair is in the room and that's my bedroom for seven days or more.

Instead of being next to Cuca the Gatufo´s cat is on my side all night.  
The poor cat is very puzzled when I feel cough, if he runs over and then sits back down on my legs or attached to my belly. 

Gatufo is overnight at me without abandon or even a moment, and then say Cats are selfish, this at least looks like it hit me when I was born and it does not come off for a moment.  The most loving thing in the world is my Gatufo.

About me want to tell you, I'm a retired man, usually indoors for days. There is nothing outside, on the street I'm interested too, so I can go weeks without leaving home.
Right now I'm waiting, usually comes to new Cuca raise first and then prepares breakfast for three. We have our nice chat by the morning and points to the meeting. 
Gatufo is always by my side or up on my legs.

(My workplace, I started here, here met Cuca)

Life in Madrid is very hard for anyone who has to earn a wage, blessed if you work, it is almost a privilege to work in this country. And if you have normal is going to be an hour or more to get to the job every morning.
Distances are huge, traffic is hell, and the subway is crowded.
When I worked in the center of the capital got up at half past six to get to the office at eight o'clock.

Live within the city, with metro and bus coming and the office was in the middle of Madrid, Retiro park attached to. However I was almost an hour to get if I wanted to be five or ten minutes before eight.

I used to come early in the office, an empty office was waiting for me, aired by opening all windows and for a while I sank into the peace of starting a day quietly without anyone around me, slowly companions were arriving and I was sitting in my room with all the files on the table.
The first hours were the best, arrived with great enthusiasm because I had raised two or more hours .

I enjoyed working the last I had in the bank, foreign trade had incidents. Import and export credits, documentary remittances, guarantees, warranties, document review guaranteeing delivery of the goods.
Review of documents coming from other foreign banks, finally a job that I liked and that practically had to do all mornings writing and reading in English.

Good times for work and companionship, good times are gone now. Everything is competition inside the works, computer work, and infighting little creative to survive in the gigs.
A disgusted by what I see when I go to a bank or other sites and chat with employees.

Doing this work interesting, specialized in need to have a good knowledge foreign trade bank gave me the opportunity to prejubilarme with 52 years and certainly take the opportunity.
A waste without specialized workers at an age where they can go a long way and make a good work.

It was not my problem, the salary is charged at home without glue a stick to water, make ends meet and salary paid without going a single day in the office .
Freedom to read, walk, listen to music and learn computer. I wanted to write, ha ha, good. Write?, And that on that?. Easy to say, write a book, but as'. To whom would interest my wanderings through life and other issues I lacked imagination.

By now more than enough, I've told a lot of things I guess interest to very few friends of the blog.
Another day a little more.

Thanks, greetings.

(Madrid, Plaza de Canalejas)

the gatufo

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