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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013



We have often spoken or thought which has been the movie that has  liked MORE among the thousands or hundreds we have seen. And even a reason to have a good conversation with our friends or family.

For movie lovers, among whom I count myself, I need to ask ourselves that this question is like mission impossible as we always remember dozens of them, to see, or come to think of a single film as the best for us, any of you could distinguish only one? ....... I certainly NO.

It is a pity not to organize a gathering in this blog about CINEMA, if capitalized film, however much I believe someone suggested I would be a good idea to do a regular section where I talk about movies, TV shows, music, and as not, of books.
Well about books we could also ask the same question, that book ......? Impossible to name just one ....
Let's start over again, ten, fifteen or twenty books we mention that we have liked more?. Difficult too, as with film or even higher.

Regarding books to anyone who enjoys reading "much to say and even more to say." Depending on the age of the reader's taste is changing, not just a book for a child, to a teenager to an adult.
And then there are the issues, fiction, essays, educational, gender, police, mystery, history , biographies, plays, poetry .....
There is more variation on topics you write about?, it's difficult, I think not.


Regarding the film seems like almost all movies made ​​in the years
forty or fifty are masterpieces, and in my point of view nothing further from reality. As the same as with everything there are great, masterpieces that were pointing to a way of making films and other normal or just regular if not bad movies.

When I was a kid I liked all the movies, it was our way of evading the gray reality that existed in the postwar period. In winter it was much cheaper enter a local cinema continuous session and be hot pipes or eating a snack.
then there was no television and comics, we bought cheap novels and film kiosks filled all our fantasies of kids and adolescents.
Trading cards, small prints that were published in sealed packets and which formed a collection to paste into an album,  chromium, and form the story of a film, a book or even explanations about nature, science or any else of interest to the mind of a kid.


And today I issue retaking FILM, consider the slaps, punches, fights, swordsmen, fire, wars, arrows, we have seen in movies and depicting the history of man as being aggressive, tender, conqueror, warrior, predator, and all the thousands of facets of your personality.

There are a slap "historical" in the anthology film, like a streap tease in which almost nothing was not removed but suggests everything.
Nude Non-nude, erotic and sensual pure slap followed by tremendous and "macho" for these times at the time did not considered in those terms. It was another time and fortunately for women their rights have changed quite for good. 

Do memory please and think:

Eroticism, tension, streap-tease and sexy song with slap anthology that marked a generation and a style of filmmaking, ? ? ? ?

Year 1946
Hollywood .
Shawls Vidor / Director
Black Cinema, drama, thriler
Rita Hayworth
Glenn Ford

(ranked 4th in Spain over 18 years qualms) ... soon released, and everyone talked about it but had not seen.

Let's see what she now realized in filmaffinity:


Johnny Farrell (Glenn Ford), an adventurer who lives of cheating in the game, stops in Buenos Aires. There it out of trouble Mundson Ballin, the owner of a luxury casino, just making it his confidant. One day Mundson introduces him to his wife Gilda. His surprise no limits: it was she who made ​​him precisely what it is: a being cynical and bitter .

  • Gilda is Rita. A glove, a song and the slap dealt by the great Glenn Ford did the rest. Beyond its strictly artistic value, this passionate drama became an icon in the history of cinema. The forties lit much better films, but the symbolism and aesthetics of "Gilda" made it, even today, in an essential work.
    Paul Kurt: PRO
  • -----------

For my part I can not agree more, it is a great movie or even a good script, but it is essential for anyone who wants to know a time, understand what was film and experience the erotic symbolism and aesthetics involved a gesture (removed a glove), insinuating voice, a look, ultimately the passion, desire, jealousy.

GILDA, highly recommended for anyone who has not seen it or want to remember two great actors like Rita Hayworth ( born in New York, the daughter of immigrants : his father was the Spanish dancer Eduardo Cansino , born in Castilleja de la Cuesta ( Province Sevilla , in Spain ), but born into a family originally of Stops (province of Seville), and his mother was a Volga Hayworth, a dancer from the Ziegfeld Follies , Irish and English origin. [ 1 ] His father was a relative the writer Rafael Cansinos Assens , who discovered its origins Jews Sephardim .).


Rita Hayworth-publicity.JPG
Rita Hayworth in 1945

Real NameMargarita Carmen Cansino Hayworth
BirthFlag of the United States New York , United States
October 17 of 1918
DeathFlag of the United States Manhattan , New York , United States
May 14 of 1987 (68 years)
SpouseEdward C. Judson (1937-1942) Orson Welles (1943-1948) Prince Ali Khan (1949-1953) Dick Haymes (1953-1955) James Hill (1958-1961)

Son / sYasmin Aga Khan
Rebecca Welles
Data on IMDb

And Glenn Ford ( Glenn Ford ( Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford ) ( May 1st of 1916 , Quebec City , Canada - August 30 of 2006 , Beverly Hills ) was a performer Canadian of film , winner of the Golden Globe for Best Actor -Comedy or Musical for A gangster of Miracles ( 1961 ). remembered for his performance in the film Gilda ( 1946 ) with Rita Hayworth and other classics of American cinema .

Glenn Ford (1979). Jpg
Glenn Ford in 1979 .

Real NameSamuel Newton Ford Gwyllyn
BirthFlag of Canada Sainte-Christine , Quebec , Canada
May 1 of 1916
DeathBeverly Hills , California , United States
August 30 of 2006 (90 years)
SpouseEleanor Powell (1943-1959) Kathryn Hays (1966-1969) Cynthia Hayward (1974-1977) Jeanne Baus (1993-1994)

Golden GlobesBest Actor - Comedy or Musical
1962 Pocketful of Miracles


Thank you dear and wonderful actors, icons of the past, did my childhood that much better in difficult years of poverty and endless dreams.
Thanks, thanks ...... thanks.


the gatufo

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