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Mi mas oculto deseo fue siempre ser escritor y aprender varios idiomas. He llegado a defenderme bien en Ingles y chapurrear algo de Frances. El cine y la fotografia me fascinan. La música, de todo tipo, ha sido siempre mi relax. La amistad la valora mas que a nada en la vida.

martes, 30 de abril de 2013


It is possible that Gatufo knows more than me, as he use to look through the window and don´t listen to the news, so he is not bad informed.

What is worst?. Be disinformed like more or us or knowng nothing like my cat?

Thank is a good question to reply today.

Here at home I have known something about house chores, but outside this my little world of house I do not know what is happening in the world.
Why for?

So bad news every moment, there is ideas, there is not new faces of politicians with good ideas, every day it is always the same, bla, bla, bla......
Yes, the world of outside home, the Spain´s world, The Europa´s world, and so forth.
I don´t like Tv. news, even radio news, I like more to read the papers, so reading I could choose what a read.
Despite my big ignorance I coud say that:

Everything if falling down since five or six years ago, and people are not aware that their world of before is over.
Not work, not hopes, not any future for the moment, and thousand and thousands of young well prepared that have to leave their countries looking for a work.
People with fourty or fifty years old that have not money, not work, not home, and so forth.......till when?.

So, I said that "Just the same as every day" no good news at all, not justice, not hopes for our young and still looking to a best future.

Its funny to listen to the news about Spain. Spain? does exist this country?...or it is something I was teached and now that idea is not valid?.
Since years I thought there was a country or nation called Spain, now I am not so sure.

Why?. Because every one región out  the centre of Iberia wants to be out of the Nation.

Spain? Not, it is better to be Cataluña, Comunidad Vasca, Canarias and so on.......
What people thinks about being out of what their country till yesterday, that is the way of living better? having a work? money?.
Speaking only a language spoken by four or five millions is better than speaking English or Castellano? that is spoken by hundred of millions?.
Of course it is not my problem, I don´t mind any more but it sound so silly out from here.

This morning a new said:

.......the agreement would be affected to....the fishmen/women of Spain, Andalucia and Canarias.....and I thought......
So, evidently:

Andalucia is not Spain?
Canarias is not Spain?
Cataluña is not Spain?
other lands of Iberia are not Spain?
What kind of news are these?. I have headache already of listening news like this every day.

They change the concepts, the language, the ideas of people day after day and it is not a good way to follow.

Well, I would like that news, subjects, and so forth should be a Little more clear as people at the end don´t understand anything.

That´s all friends.
This was an example of the subjects I use to write a year ago, and now I like more to write about my cat Gatufo, some funny news or feelings which can help other people, that´s all.

It is possible that after a year I have learn anything to talk about, thanks a lot if you have enough patience to read me in this blog.

As a matter of fact, Little by Little there are some of you that read me after all.....

Thanks to all people who read this blog.
el gatufo 

lunes, 29 de abril de 2013


DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO ILLNESS OF DESOLATION OF OUR TIME.(Go my absolute love for all who suffer in silence or without this modern plague sinks into despair to millions of people worldwide, sick and family who do not understand what is happening)To whom it may concern, is the contrast of hope and despair in the same issue, human suffering, misunderstanding with the pain of others and the merit of those who work in silence to address one of the scourges of our society developed a disease until currently incurable each passing year is becoming more widespread among the young and adult population worldwide.

It was first developed in the Society called first world, but year after year is also extending other less developed societies.

The pharmacological treatment of this disease is very expensive, unthinkably expensive for many patients, families, health care systems of governments that do nothing for global finance the study of remedies that can alleviate suffering and death of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people across the world.Who would win with the discovery of a therapy that would solve the health problem of a significant amount, increasing of mostly young people, women more than men and even percentage in short children / girls who all his life suffer pain, misunderstanding, lack of support or lack of a "normal" life, and finally having to resort to the final solution to request voluntary assisted suicide:The human person would win, they would earn the government, society in general but my question is always the same ...... win pharmacological multinationals are lined at the cost of pain?.However news of hope go and another incomprehension at the free choice about our own life and pain.Let each one of us takes the consequences and make your thoughts.
For my part a long time ago and I've done.


The Supreme Court ruling on asking for a terminally ill assisted suicidelainformacion.comMonday, 29/04/13 - 10:45 .The Irish Supreme Court pronounced today on the appeal filed by a woman who is terminally ill with multiple sclerosis, which was denied the right to get help from her husband in an assisted suicide.
Dublin, April 29. - The Irish Supreme Court pronounced today on the appeal filed by a woman who is terminally ill with multiple sclerosis, which was denied the right to get help from her husband in an assisted suicide.

Marie Fleming, one university exprofesora 59 who have multiple sclerosis, had appealed to the Supreme Court last February, after a lower court refused it Irish law two months before her husband to help him commit suicide.

In Ireland, assisted suicide is forbidden under the "Criminal Law (Suicide)" in 1993, and is punishable by a maximum of 14 years in prison anyone who "aids, abets, counsels or procures" assisted suicide .

The seven judges of the Supreme Court must decide whether, as argued by the patient, the law violates their personal rights and life, according to the principles enshrined in the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Fleming has more than 25 years in a wheelchair and his lawyers also want the Justice decides whether the "criminalization" of assisted suicide is justified in cases where it should, according to them, override personal rights of the person who requests a suicide attended.

In this sense, the defense argues that in other countries such as the UK or Canada, their respective Prosecutors have clear guidelines that define the cases in which they can or should act.



Open hope for multiple sclerosis◾ Directory Fernando Castro◾ Molecular Life Science    Cellular

MoleculesPhoto: IRIN / JCCM
TOLEDO, 29 Apr.
(IRIN) -

The Group-GNDe Developmental Neurobiology, National Paraplegic Hospital, led by Dr. Fernando de Castro, have identified how two new pharmacological agents, called VP1.15 and TC3.6, increase survival and differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursors into myelinating oligodendrocytes.
These latter cells are dying in demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

The study was conducted with oligodendrocyte precursors isolated from mouse brains (postnatal and adult), and also those who have been isolated from samples of brain neurosurgical adult patients, which makes this study particularly important, informed the hospital
in a press release.

After demonstrating that all oligodendrocyte precursors express phosphodiesterase-7, article published in the prestigious journal Cellular and Molecular Life Science, shows how the aforementioned drugs, synthesized by the group of Dr. Ana Martinez (Institute of Medical Chemistry-CSIC,
Madrid) inhibit this enzyme, thus increasing the survival of oligodendrocyte precursors and accelerate their differentiation into cells that form myelin.NEW HORIZON

The study published by Eva Medina-Rodriguez, Ana Bribián, Fernando de Castro, researchers from the National Paraplegics Hospital, and colleagues, is particularly relevant in the face of thinking in the development of restorative therapies damage in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, where
oligodendrocytes die part of the adult central nervous system demyelinating plaques are formed, the loss of the myelin covering these cells axons and facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses.

To date, multiple sclerosis is not just with immunomodulators that modify the course of the disease, but there is no treatment to replace the damage (dead oligodendrocytes, myelin loss).

This kind of approach are very encouraging because between 3 and 8% of the total cells of the central nervous system are adult oligodendrocyte precursors.
These cells react normally to the demyelinating damage and even are able to spontaneously replace it in whole or in part, but for unknown reasons, when the disease is established endogenous reparative capacity is exceeded and damage appears.

Both the Martinez Group, as the Group of Developmental Neurobiology doctor-GNDe Castro, part of the Spanish Network of Multiple Sclerosis (www.reem.es), one of the Re Tics Health Institute Carlos III
(currently the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).NORMAL CELL TESTS

The findings of the group led by Dr. De Castro is also of great interest to test physiological cells, normal, those in the brain of patients, the different treatments that may be developed in the future.

Until now, it had raised obtaining the type myelinating oligodendroglial cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) technique developed by Yamanaka Dr.Shinya why this researcher won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in its last
a shared editing with Prof. Gurdon.

Although very powerful, the use of iPS is not without risks and comparative studies in normal cells, such as those developed by the group led by Dr. de Castro, are essential in order to test the effects of new drugs and accelerate the
possible acceptance as therapy for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

This study has the journal Cellular and Molecular Life Science, is the second article that is published worldwide on the physiology of oligodendrocyte precursors isolated from adult human brain unchanged. In the first, published in late 2008, we analyzed the effects of one of the new generation immunomodulatory drugs for multiple sclerosis, fingolimod.


And that's all friends and followers of this blog, or rather not all, anymore it is an issue in which I am involved very directly. I still hope that the news daily actually finally found an effective, inexpensive, to the relief of suffering caused each and every one of the diseases in which myelin disappears covering the nervous system of these patients that increase in the world year after year.

With affection, respect and much love ...

the gatufo


domingo, 28 de abril de 2013


Igual que te amé
nadie te amará
cuando despiertes
no me encontrarás
de ti ausente estaré
mi soledad ya no sentirás
de amante no correspondido
sin tu amor la vida viviré
tu tiempo pasará
sin amor como el mío
ya nunca mas amada vivirás
y mi ausencia en desamor
pronto sufrirás.

LIKE I loved you no one will love
When you wake up you´ll don´t find me
I´ll be missing from you.

My lonly heart you´ll never feel again
Unrequite lover not one day more
without your love iI will live my love.

Your time will be pass

No love like mine would you ever find
never so beloved your life would be.

My absence in hearbreak.

Soon after you´ll suffer
and my today´s pain I´ll not desire
you my dear heart broken heart.


Que sientes cuando sin mi estás
acaso te percibes que ya no estoy
o sigues ensimismada en tu vivir

What do you feel when without me you are?
Perhaps you perceive that I am not
Or are you still absoved in your living?


Destino cruel conocerte
sufrimiento continuo de amante sin amor
viendo al ser querido siempre a su lado
sin atreverse a decir te amo mi amor.

Estás ya acompañada, pero feliz te sientes
es mi pregunta siempre al borde de soltar
y no me atrevo un día más
a confesarte mi encendida espera

Meet cruel fate
continuous suffering lover without love
always the loved seeing at his side
without daring to say “I love you, my love”

You are accomanied, but do you feel happy?
my question is always on the verge of release
and I dare another day
to confess you my lit expected.


Tanto tiempo esperando
una dicha semejante
y tan efímera fue que pienso
no sirvió de nada ser fiel
fiel a que, a quien, a una idea
nunca pensé que la ilusión
fuera tan corta, que sin tu
amor tan pronto despertar sería
cotidiano dolor en lugar de amor
vivir sin ti es un imposible
que nunca pensé podría soportar

Long time waiting
such a bliss
and so fleeting was that I
it did not good to be true
faithful to whom, an idea
I never thought that the illusion
was so short, that without your
as soon awaken love would be
a daily pain instead of love

Living without you it is an impossible
I never thought I could bear

Ya no me miras, ya no me amas
nunca estas dispuesta a hablar
en que, en quien piensas
que tan callada estás.

You never look at me, don´t you love me more?
you are never willing to talk
what do you think about?
whom are you thinking all time
that you are so still


Sin ti un día mas
un infierno soportar cada mañana
en mi ya eterna soledad.

Pensé que conmigo estarías siempre
Y te vas, te has ido ya
Sin decir adiós me has dejado
ni una palabra de mas

Hoy sin ti me he despertado
donde estás
Este mundo no era para ti
tan joven te marchaste
sin saber que yo no vivo mas

Tu ausencia no podré soportar
allí donde te encuentres
pronto estaré
recorriendo otra vez juntos
alguna otra nueva senda para

Cogidos de la mano para siempre
felices otra vez de estar juntos
de correr una vida, otra vida ya sin fin
esa es mi esperanza que me lleva
a pasar el resto de mi vida sin ti


This is for you, Dear Jeff, dear friend and professor
who taught me so much English and humanity
till the point of making English poesy?...at least
I like to think so.


Without you one more day
endure hell every morning
in my eternal loneliness.

I thought you'd be with me always
And you go, you're gone
Saying goodbye you left me
not a word more.

Today I woke up without you
where you are my love
This world was not for you
so young you left it
not knowing that I do not live any more.

Your absence can not face
wherever you are soon I will be
again traveling together
another new path for us to walk.

Hand in hand holds forever
happy to be together again
to run a life, another endless life
that is my hope that leads me

spend the rest of this not life without you.

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013


Years ago when I see a white paper waiting for me I felt the touch of a pen in my fingers and only moving it to créate words or drawings on the white surface of the paper I felt something special that taping with my fingers I don´t feel any more.

Starting a new year always was a good moment to think, to write about the old year that it is gone and doing purposes to the new one.
The pen held into my fingers was a nice good sensation that now I don´t feel any more. No book notes, not pen, only a cold computer to tap......It is easy, of course, but different.
There is not any personality without the own personal words made with a pencil......all is different, not so peronal now.

But there are another things that have changed for life, taking photos could be an example....now it is so easy, free, not any cost for the actions of taking them......thousand of shoots in one second, or a minute one...another....immediately we could see them, or receive them, not emotion, not any awaiting to see the results....if we don´t like it just to the trash, and another one.

The emotion of waiting the results are over for ever...Not any expectations or care about our shoots.

There is not any measurement for anything, photos, calls, food, trips, plains, there is not any distance, you could go whiche ever place you like, with enough money in one day, one hour, or less.....

Incredible easy.

Where is the turn to the world in eighty days?...what could think Julio Verne about that?. Now it is possible in two days?, or less taking not

any rest.

But it is posible that the crisis gives us a time to think, which is the measurement of our acts, it could be good to think that not all young people could be enginers, doctors, informatic, advocates, and so forth.

That we can´t do so many photos, calls, waste so many food, waste sush a lot of wáter, not to kill such number of animals that have the same rights to live on earth as we have.

It is true that some countries have been living up their posibilities wasting all kind of resources so needed for other nations of people round the world, a world not so rich.

Years ago the high societe do nothing, not any work, they think that doing a work like a doctor, a lawer, a farmer, a Taylor, or so forth was for other, lower people. They were up from them....and it was on the XIX century, just yesterday only.
Now we think just something similar.....our son, our daughters have to go to the university because doing another kind of work it is unthinkinble, not for them, that kind of work, hand work, are for other less inteligents, less Smart.. Foolish, yes we are foolish..., I have been a foolish too.
But sorry my English it is really bad, I would like to write just a little better, but I have not time to look in the Dictionary....too many ideas to write now, too many subjects to touch.

But my way of thinking it is clear to say that:

Hands are direct conected with the mind, nothing make us more humans than our hands, It is just what make humans what they are for good or for bad....so Yes I Miss the Pen.....and also some other kind of manual Works .
We call them "artisan"....and it will be sooner than later that hand works could dissapair for ever.

el  gatufo                                                                                                       

jueves, 18 de abril de 2013


Dicen que una imagen vale mas que mil palabras, un buen ejemplo puede hacer la misma función que una imagen.
Veamos los distintos significados que la palabra "cojones" puede tener en el idioma castellano que se habla en "algunas" partes de España. En otras partes de la llamada España se hablan otras lenguas, catalán, gallego, valenciano, bable, andalú...y algunos otros más como "castizo" en Madrid o vasco en la Comunidad Vasca.

Antes mencioné el andalú, ahora solo tendremos diferentes ejemplos significativos de frases en las que la palabra "vulgar cojones" puede variar absolutamente el sentido de una frase.
Según se empleen los atributos cambia el sentido de lo que se quiere decir de una forma completa y absoluta.

Todos estos ejemplos son producto de la imaginación o inventiva una persona que ha ideado todas estas frases al que doy las gracias desde aquí mismo.
Abajo está su nombre, Gracias Andrés.



Un ejemplo de la riqueza del castellano es el número de acepciones de una simple palabra, como es, sin duda, la muy conocida y frecuentemente utilizada que hace referencia a los atributos masculinos:

COJONES. Si va acompañada de un numeral tiene significados distintos, según el número utilizado. Así: Uno, significa caro o costoso: ("Valía un cojón") Dos, significa valentía: ("Tiene dos cojones") Tres, significa desprecio: ("Me importa tres cojones") Muchos implica complejidad: ("Ese problema tiene muchos cojones") Un número muy grande y par, significa dificultad: ("Lograrlo me costó mil pares de cojones").

En las frases hechas el verbo cambia el significado Tener indica. valentía: ("Aquella persona tiene cojones") Aunque en admiración puede indicar sorpresa: ("Tiene cojones") Poner, expresa un reto, especialmente si se ponen en algunos lugares concretos: ("Puso los cojones encima de la mesa").

Cortándolos son utilizados para apostar: ("Me corto los cojones") O incluso para amenazar: ("Te corto los cojones") Otra amenaza muy común es colgar a alguien por ellos: ("Te voy a colgar por los cojones" ó "de los cojones") Además, el tiempo del verbo utilizado cambia radicalmente el significado de la frase. Así, el presente indica molestia ó hastío: ("Me toca los cojones").

El reflexivo significa vagancia: ("Se toca los cojones todo el día") Pero el imperativo vuelve a significar sorpresa: ("Tócate los cojones") Los prefijos y sufijos modulan su significado. a- expresa miedo: ("Estoy acojonado" "Que acojono") des- significa reírse: ("Es para descojonarse" "Que descojono") -udo o -udamente, indica perfección: ("Es un plan cojonudo" "Lo ha hecho cojonudamente") y -azo se refiere a la indolencia o abulia: ("Eres un cojonazos").

Las preposiciones matizan la expresión. "de" significa éxito o complacencia: ("El examen me salió de cojones" "La cena estaba de cojones" "por" expresa voluntariedad: ("Lo haré por cojones") "hasta" expresa el límite de paciencia o aguante: ("Estoy hasta los cojones") "con" indica valor: ("Era un hombre con cojones") y, consecuentemente, sin, la cobardía: ("Es un torero sin cojones").

Especialmente curioso es el hecho de que el color, la forma o la simple tersura aportan significados adicionales. 
El color violeta expresa frío (en Soria): ("Se me quedaron los cojones morados") pero el desgaste significa experiencia: ("Tenía los cojones pelados de repetirlo") Naturalmente también son importantes el tamaño o la posición. ("Tenía dos cojones grandes y bien plantados o [puestos]").
Sin embargo, existen tamaños concretos que no pueden superarse: ("Tiene los cojones como el caballo del Cid" ó "como el caballo de Santiago") Y cuando se tienen de tan descomunal tamaño se traduce en torpeza o vagancia suprema: ("le cuelgan", "se los pisa", "se sienta sobre ellos")... e incluso: ("Necesita una carretilla para llevarlos").

Los atributos de algunos animales adquieren significados concretos, generalmente expresando éxito, complacencia o aceptación: ("El pastel está de cojón de mico") ("La paella te salió de cojón de pato") 
La interjección "¡cojones!" significa sorpresa, y cuando uno se halla perplejo los solicita: ("Manda cojones") 
Es precisamente en ellos donde reside la voluntad, y es de ellos de donde surgen las órdenes: ("Me sale de los cojones") 
En resumen, será difícil encontrar una palabra en castellano o en otros idiomas con mayor número de acepciones.
Andrés G. Parrilla


Y ahora va de "Huevos"................

Los huevos, ingrediente indispensable de muchas frases del castellano.  

He aquí un homenaje a los huevos, esa palabra sobre la que tantas y tan variadas expresiones se han creado en la lengua castellana. Y bueno, antes de empezar, este post no es apto para menores de 7 años. Dicho esto… empezamos!
Si se dice “vale (o cuesta) un huevo” significa que es algo que vale mucho o que cuesta mucho esfuerzo. También podemos usar la expresión “y un huevo!” que significa que ni hablar, que no, que no y que no.
Si decimos “tiene un par de huevos” significa que muestra gran valentía en sus acciones.
Junto al número 3, como en la frase “me importa 3 huevos (o también, me importa 3 cojones)” significa que no me importa nada, que paso totalmente del tema.
Y si ascendemos el número a mil pares obtendremos “le costó mil pares de huevos”, lo cual denota una gran dificultad para conseguir algo.
Además de con los números, dependiendo el verbo que acompañe a los huevos, su significado varía enormemente. Así, no es lo mismo “tener huevos” (lo que indica gran valentía) que “tiene huevos la cosa” lo que denota sorpresa y admiración, además de importancia.
Si probamos ahora con el verbo “poner” nos inclinamos más hacia un reto: “poner los huevos sobre la mesa” es como retar a alguien a hacer algo.
Otra variedad que cambia mucho el significado es el tiempo verbal utilizado. Así, el tiempo presente “me toca los huevos” indica molestia o fastidio. El reflexivo, “tocarse los huevos” indica pereza o vaguería, y el imperativo “tócate los huevos” es una exclamación de sorpresa.
Si pasamos ahora a un sinónimo suyo, cojones, también encontraremos una gran variedad de usos y significados. Los prefijos o sufijos cambian su sentido: si utilizamos el prefijo a- como en ”acojonado”, expresa miedo. Si usamos el prefijo des-, como en “descojonarse”, significa reírse mucho mucho. Con el sufijo -udo, como en “cojonudo”, indica algo muy bueno que roza la perfección.
Las preposiciones también nos ayudan a matizar la expresión. De significa éxito como en “me salió de cojones”, aunque en otros casos también puede denotar cantidad, como en ”hacía un frío de cojones”, es decir, que hacía mucho frío. Por expresa voluntariedad como en “lo haré por cojones” y hasta expresa el límite de aguante (estoy hasta los cojones).
Bueno, pues he aquí unas cuantas expresiones más que, seguramente, ya habréis escuchado en alguna ocasión. Si encontráis alguna otra variedad que no esté incluida en este post, os invito a que incluyáis vuestros comentarios.
Es indudable que "el castellano" tiene huevos si un no castellano parlante desea aprenderlo.
Y uno puede apostar un huevo y la mitad de otro que pueden pasar años hasta que el dominio de una lengua no materna sea lo suficientemente rica para entender "que requiere un esfuerzo de cojones el aprender Ingles, Francés o Castellano como es debido", por no hablar de idiomas como el Japonés, Ruso, Árabe o Chino.
Para estudiar y dominar estas lenguas si que hay que tener un buen par de "cojones".
Con un par de "lo que hay que tener"...., pueden ser ovarios también, os saluda como siempre,

el gatufo

miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013


Es indudable que el "castellano" se habla en decenas de países del mundo, de hecho es el idioma que junto al araba se habla en el mayor numero de países del mundo.
Pero el castellano, incluso dentro de la propia Península Ibérica se habla de formas diferentes, y las mismas palabras pueden tener significados diferentes.
Por no hablar de lo ridículo que puede parecer un español que se atreve a hablar su idioma en Argentina, Perú o México por mencionar solo algunos de los países que hablan el castellano, o el mal llamado español pues no es precisamente el único idioma que se habla en lo que se denomina España.
Disfruto escuchando a un chileno, o un colombiano hablando en "su idioma" que dicen ser español. Igual que a un cubano, argentino, venezolano o de cualquier otro lugar de Hispano América. Me encanta adivinar de que país es la persona que tengo enfrente cuando escucho una entonación latina, y lo mismo me ocurre cuando trato de saber en que lugar de España ha nacido mi interlocutor cuando conozco a una nueva persona en las circunstancias que sean.
No llego ni por soñación al profesor Henry Higgins de la obra "Pigmalión", o de la comedia My Fair Lady basada en la obra de Bernard Shaw, que adivinaba de que zona de Londres era la persona que hablaba Ingles.
Una muestra de la riqueza de nuestro castellano, aquí en España, la tenemos en el monologo que adjunto a continuación. 
No se quien lo ha escrito, me ha llegado por medio de un amigo, pero me parece significativo y gracioso para incluirlo como referencia a la riqueza del castellano dentro de la propia España.
En este caso es "el andalú" de Cadiz, pues "el andalú" de Málaga, Córdoba o cualquiera de las ocho provincias andaluzas que hablan o escriben "el andalú" tiene matices y expresiones diferentes. 
Quillo, ahí vamos  .........................
(Cadiz, tacita de plata, antigua ciudad fundada por los Fenicios hace mas de 2000 años)

De Cadi, Cadi...
Hoy estoy guarnío. Y lo que más me gusta de estar guarnío, es poder decir que estoy guarnío... Es una expresión que me encanta... como tantas otras que son tan nuestras. Como cuando uno se harta de comer y acaba engullipao (o engoñipao) o cuando riegas las macetas más de la cuenta y las dejas enguachinnás... Yo nunca pido churros, sino calentitos... de niño nunca iba a las atracciones, sino a los c......acharritos... y cuando me tangaba el colegio lo que hacía era rabona... (qué peyas ni peyas). 

A lo largo de mi vida he conocido a más apollardaos que tontos y a más esnortaos que despistados... pero nunca a ningún antipático, sólo a malajes o saboríos... Aquí lo mucho es una jartá o una pechá, y lo poco es una mijita... y la gente no pasea, da vuerta... Lo que está muy sucio está empercochao y lo que limpias a fondo lo dejas escamondao... Si se te va la olla te quedas majarón, y si das mucho la lata te llaman pejiguera... Los borrachos, que son papaos, no deambulan, sino que dan camballás... y la gente no odia la mentira, sino el farserío... Lo roto está descuajaringao y lo pasado de fecha revejío... los cobardes son jiñaos y lo muy visto está mu manío... 

Por expresiones como estas, y las miles que se quedan en el tintero, cada vez me gusta más el andalú... y quien diga que hablamos mal que aprenda a entendernos y verá como le coge el gusto... buenas tardes... (y que conste que lo que acabo de soltar no es ninguna tontería, sino una chuminá).

A que tá gustao picha!!.......
 (Cadiz.....Playa de la Victoria)
Como madrileño, castizo, si me gusta el gaditano, "el andalú", pero quillo ...tu que te crees?  que aquí, en el Foro, no tenemos otro idioma?  has perdio la chaveta o es que no tu no pillas na de na ?, mi forma chaval es tan natura como el de qualquier otro gachó que se las da de original, y na ma......ta logo.

el gatufo   "gatos somos los madrileños del foro"

domingo, 14 de abril de 2013


As a cat I could see and listen nearly everything which happens in the house, they think I can´t
because it seems I am always sleeping.

But do humans know how cats sleep?. Of course not.

I feel when Emiliano is going through troubles, when he is sad, when is is worried about some things that sincerely I don´t understand.  Why humans are so complicated?. He has shelter, a bed to sleep, free time as he is always indoors, and having all his necessities covered he use to be worried I don´t know why or what for.
What is inside Cuca´s mind?. This is a little more complicated, women have their minds more closed for a cat like me. Some how they are differents from men, her mind is not easy or simple as it is the mind of a man.

She use to suffers in silence, she doesn´t like to complain nearly about nothing. Some times despite she is not in good health she doesn´t said a single word about her pain. It could be because she knows that Emiliano is always worried about her health.

Everything here at home use to be quiet, not too much tv., twice or three times only along the day, but there is always some little noise they called music. It is nice, but Emiliano likes to listen to this noise along hours. I don´t care, after so many time I got acustomed to this kind of sound

Outside home there is a world I don´t know anything about. I could see a big space through something clear, I don´t know what is it, where some time pass other people that I am not interested at all. Different noises come from outside, voices, big boxes that moves up and down without any sense to a cat. The worst it is they make too much noise, other time they remains hours without any movement, it is crazy. People come, open little doors and go into the big box, and after a Little while the box started to move making that horrible noise that I don´t like absolutely.

There is nothing of my interest outsie, only the sun, I like to be after the clear space taking the sun, yes I know that is taken the sun because that is how Emiliano and Cuca call it when I was under that light so warm and agreeble.  But where is the sun?. Lately I don´t see it, but today here it was again and I was happy close to the clear light that warm me so much. Doing that I am happy.

They use to say, look to Gatufo he is taken the sun, and that is the reason I know what taken the sun is. Yes, there is something that comes from outside and it is the only thing I like.

The best site of the house it is on the lap of Emiliano, over there I feel sure. He use to touch me
and it makes me feel happy, loved, his hands are so soft. I would like to play with him more times but he seems to be occupied always. With not enough time to play with me and it make me feel sad some times.

Again hot is here, why?. Too much for me, I don´t know how this my world goes on. Some times
there is too much hot, and other too much cold, and I can´t see any reason for that.
Usually I like hot, but it seems that when there is too much hot Emiliano doesn´t like to have me on his lap. He move up and down continuosly having not a moment to rest, to be quiet in peace and I dislike him going from a place to another. Sit down and do not move I would like to say him in his extrange language that I can´t pronounce.

Why do they need to talk so much one with another, it is so easy to know what is happening inside their minds, at least for me. It seems, after all, they are not so smart as I am, as cats use to be. We don´t need to talk, we read the feelings of our groupt, of our similar cats. Of course, these big creatures are different from me, despite they have to be cat also, or not, how cats are?.who knows?. Never I have seen one.
They call me cat, but they call themselves humans, what could be the differences.....well I don´t know and don´t care at all.
Cat? Humans? What is the difference?. I like to say somethings to Emiliano and sometimes he seems to know what I mean, but other time he doesn´t, it depends of the day or the humor he has.

I love Emiliano and Cuca, they love me too, I am happy at their side  so for me it is more tan enough.
I have my wáter, my food always in my will, I do wich ever thing I like to do, I clim up their bed and like to sleep together, just in the middle and they say nothing.
Emiliano makes a big sound when he sleeps but I like the sound, it makes me happy as I know he is happy resting for the next day.

Life as a cat here is good, very good indeed.

I would tell you more things about these my people, about this my house, and of course this my life together with Emiliano and Cuca.

el gatufo.

sábado, 13 de abril de 2013


Nothing is better as to be at home.

Years ago having hollidays ahead and having the nedd of making the package of the necessary to be out from home, sometimes for a month, usually at the beach with my children and wife, I felt that it cost me a lot to leave home and goind to another place wich I know nothing about it.

Yes it was close to the sea, I have always love the sea, may be because I was born far away from the sea and the first time I could saw it I was eighteen years already, but even so, having in mind to rest, to have time to read, to take the sun on a beach, to be close to my family,to have the childred around us and so forth, I always were lazy to leave home.

Why I was lazy to that?, not idea but of what I was certain it was that before the hollidays were over I was thinking in returning back home  four or five days before that it was necessary to return and  work once again for another year.

But it was like a crazy subject, I was on hollidays, every one wants to have hollidays at least twice a year or even  more, they use to be anxious of leaving their city, their houses and going far away to spend the time on hollidays far away their city, their home, their routine
It could be incredible  but in my possition I have always two feelings, yes anxious to have hollidays, to rest, but at the same time I didn´t like to close home and have to go other place, the whole family, the car full of several things, not knowing what it was coming on us, and so forth.
Once we were out, far from home I´ll try to enjoy as much as possible, but after some days, fifteen or twenty I was with great desire or coming home again.


Now, living other health circunstances that prevent me on vacation I have been over fifteen years without moving home.
Happy or not happy of staying home for so long?. Well, in fact not, I would like to leave once again and going too far away for a period of time. That will be the best signal that healthy things were going well.

But it is not posible, now with enough incomes to make a nice trip to which ever place we would like to go, bouth Cuca and me, we have to remain home because her health is not good, nime now is also not so good, but if my dear wigr would be good it is sure we left home for at lest two or three months. 

But what about Gatufo?, this is his house too, in fact this is more his house than our and he si so happy without going out for three years, all his life Gatufo have been inside, playing, taking the sun, sleeping, and giving us all his affection. 

He, like me before, doesn´t need ever to leave home. He is absolutely happy being here for years, it is so good being a Cat like him.

So yes, for Gatufo nothing it is better that being home, months, years or all his life. I would like to be like him.
My best friends.