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Mi mas oculto deseo fue siempre ser escritor y aprender varios idiomas. He llegado a defenderme bien en Ingles y chapurrear algo de Frances. El cine y la fotografia me fascinan. La música, de todo tipo, ha sido siempre mi relax. La amistad la valora mas que a nada en la vida.

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013


Inside pains

Just a sudden paint gives sorrows enought to forget what we are.
Uncertain sadness confuse our mind to think we still are alive.
Not knowing if tomorrow will be the same.

Future pains are now so real that blinds our reality of today.
Suffering that moment only anticípated in our mind.
Anxiety be off from me, you are not true, remain in silence.

You are a figure anticipated that gives pain and suffering.
Yes, my mind is so uncertain of what are going to happen.
Only it is sure what today I am living so be quite in peace.

Tomorrow will be another day and every thing could be bright.

Children / Women

Illusion seeing children
Flight open and blink of eyes was
A time that seems long for ever
When short as a dream it is
Ephemeral joy of yesterday
Pain of today use to be remembering
Only in mind other time
When little at my side you were
Chilhood only in mind gives me pain
As being present today
I feel you adult women of today
Far away already from my side.

My Love

Without wanted, without feeling it nearly without being concious
I fell in love.
Thin, nice, beautiful crazy girl, we were living the sixties.
Deluded years from one generation that confused everything.
Love, miracle daily bright that enlight my entire life.
After fourty years or more of living, without feeling them being together.
Today I still fell in love with you once and again till I´ll die.


I am not the same I felt yesterday.
Changed without knowing why?
It is today what let me empty?

Ideas come and go without any sense
Thoughts incessant that drill the head
Not hopes only awaiting everything go by

Be you I say, but so another day
Going after chimeras that vanish
There is not any sense or hopes just wait

One and another day, waiting for what
Dead without doubts, easy relax for ever
Sleep, not to think, not to suffer, not await

Sleep for ever, at the end rest perhaps?
Who knows? life it is a not sense being so
when there is not will to continue

Only rest is the time, today only rest is my will.


I thought when beside me you sleep
look at your freckled face, your smile so craved.
The love in your eyes, your lighting look .

The tune of your voice, if you are blue or happy.
Some things I imagin looking you sleepy.
Close my side you follow and a new day dawns.

Waiting what for

Far away from our real world
Quite we see the past of days
Gathering enough time to past
the years.

Sunset shorten our time
uncertain future we await
despite prisioners here we are
without anxiety time past

Happy following the path
sooner or later the end would be
to our life together waiting
the happy life being in peace.

                  el gatufo

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