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Mi mas oculto deseo fue siempre ser escritor y aprender varios idiomas. He llegado a defenderme bien en Ingles y chapurrear algo de Frances. El cine y la fotografia me fascinan. La música, de todo tipo, ha sido siempre mi relax. La amistad la valora mas que a nada en la vida.

viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013


Inside pains

Just a sudden paint gives sorrows enought to forget what we are.
Uncertain sadness confuse our mind to think we still are alive.
Not knowing if tomorrow will be the same.

Future pains are now so real that blinds our reality of today.
Suffering that moment only anticípated in our mind.
Anxiety be off from me, you are not true, remain in silence.

You are a figure anticipated that gives pain and suffering.
Yes, my mind is so uncertain of what are going to happen.
Only it is sure what today I am living so be quite in peace.

Tomorrow will be another day and every thing could be bright.

Children / Women

Illusion seeing children
Flight open and blink of eyes was
A time that seems long for ever
When short as a dream it is
Ephemeral joy of yesterday
Pain of today use to be remembering
Only in mind other time
When little at my side you were
Chilhood only in mind gives me pain
As being present today
I feel you adult women of today
Far away already from my side.

My Love

Without wanted, without feeling it nearly without being concious
I fell in love.
Thin, nice, beautiful crazy girl, we were living the sixties.
Deluded years from one generation that confused everything.
Love, miracle daily bright that enlight my entire life.
After fourty years or more of living, without feeling them being together.
Today I still fell in love with you once and again till I´ll die.


I am not the same I felt yesterday.
Changed without knowing why?
It is today what let me empty?

Ideas come and go without any sense
Thoughts incessant that drill the head
Not hopes only awaiting everything go by

Be you I say, but so another day
Going after chimeras that vanish
There is not any sense or hopes just wait

One and another day, waiting for what
Dead without doubts, easy relax for ever
Sleep, not to think, not to suffer, not await

Sleep for ever, at the end rest perhaps?
Who knows? life it is a not sense being so
when there is not will to continue

Only rest is the time, today only rest is my will.


I thought when beside me you sleep
look at your freckled face, your smile so craved.
The love in your eyes, your lighting look .

The tune of your voice, if you are blue or happy.
Some things I imagin looking you sleepy.
Close my side you follow and a new day dawns.

Waiting what for

Far away from our real world
Quite we see the past of days
Gathering enough time to past
the years.

Sunset shorten our time
uncertain future we await
despite prisioners here we are
without anxiety time past

Happy following the path
sooner or later the end would be
to our life together waiting
the happy life being in peace.

                  el gatufo

miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

MADRID AN OLYMPIC CITY ON 2020? NO it wasn´t it will be Tokyo instead..

(Gatufo´s video of Madrid, it is a long video of half and hour with different
sites of the City)

+ + + + +

Yes, Madrid wanted to be the Olympic City on the year 2020 but it wasn´t possible, every body knows it already, but in march when I wrote this there was hopes to get the goal.....

IT WAS TOKYO...........congratulations to Tokyo.....from Madrid.


Today Madrid is a big city, nothing similar to the city I knew when I was a boy and walk round its streets and squares, in fact I can´t recognise this city of today less friendly than fourty or thirty years ago.

Its a beautiful city, without any doubt, Madrid has some museums so good as el Prado, Thyssen, Reina Sofia, and parks as El Retiro or Casa de Campo.

Also there is the Royal Palace, Sabatini Gardens, Gran Via with its incredible buildings different from other cities of the world.

Years ago every person who came here to live, after some time it was a madrilean more, it doesn´t matter which part of the world she ot he was born.
At the end these people love the city as it was of them, their city by all means.

My parents came from Burgos when they were married already, I was the only one that was born in the city, the Little city then, but it was so nice, friedly, funny as always it was. They, my parents, seems madrileans after ten years living here.

The castellano language here sounds different, as in every land of Spain, but we talk so different that the language its called "castizo" because we use a lot of words and expressions that they are not used other parts of Spain.

+ + + + + + + +

We have our own music, "chotis", that is sing and dance in the feasts, but also our own Opera that here we call it "Zarzuela", it is similar to an Opera but its also spoken at the same time that the music sounds and the singers sing. I do love Zarzuelas, and despite there are these kind of music from all lands of Spain, Madrid has their own Zarzuelas where the way of speaking of "castizos" are the accent that is necessary to use.

The girls are called "chulapas" and the boys "chulapos" and all they have a peculiar way of being dressed, nice coloured garments and also the girls wear "mantones de manila" what is absolutely necessary for them if they wanted to be good dressed.

+ + + + + + + + +

There are some Zarzuelas very funny and quiete a good music, several in fact, but some of the best known are "La Verbena de la Paloma", "La Revoltosa", "La Gran Via", "El Barberillo de Lavapiés". "Luisa Fernanda"...it was singed by the good Tenor Alfredo Kraus  Placido Domingo but also Javier Pons or Jose Carreras and some of the best sopranos or mezosopranos like Teresa Berganza, Nancy Herrera, Maria Rodríguez, and so forth.......

Once I went to  the theatre to watch a Zarzuela called " Luisa Fernanda", singed by Plácido Domingo it was sitting close near to me Alfredo Kraus, one of the best tenors
Spain has for long.

Usually Madrid´s music is pleasant, bustling and cheerful just how madrileños are. Friendly nice people who take life easy, without too much troubles.

+ + + + + + + + +

The city now it is quite different, all has changed to be a big European city, for good or for bad I really don´t know.
Life is different, hard, too much noise, millions of people from every where of the world, some of the áreas that was absolutely typical have changed drasticaly, for worst.

But time changes everything and this my city wasn´t an exception, no so much "castizos" "chulapas" or "chulapones" instead people from China, Equador, Maroc, Peru, Colombia, Nigeria, Argentina, Rumania, Russia, Ukrania, and thirty or more countries have taken their place.

At the end all these people will be madrileños too, that´s for sure, but it will take several years to be truth.

Now Madrid has
 another kind of events that makes the city one of the first in Cultural event in Europe and other parts of the World...

+ + + + + +

Will be it posible?

I love and hate Madrid.
Of course, I was born in this city.
Why? that´s a mystery to me.

(Puerta del Sol, it is the 0 km. of Spain because all the roads of
the Nation start here, like the centre of Iberian Península)

Greetings, el gatufo.


Isabella of Castile Queen of Castile and Spain.

Coat of Ferdinand and Isabella (1491). Even without the grenade, the first legend of the blue field reads: "sign of the king and the queen."Michel Sittow"

Ferdinand II of Aragon, her husband,King of Aragon and Spain.Isabel on his deathbed, Medina del Campo / Valladolid   

Michel Sittow 004.jpg
Doña Isabel la Católica dictando su testamento (Rosales).jpg
Doña Isabel la Católica dictando su testamento
Eduardo Rosales, 1864
Óleo sobre lienzo • Romanticismo
400 cm × 290 cm
Museo del Prado, Madrid, España

Ferdinand II of Aragon, her husband,King of Aragon and Spain.Isabel on his deathbed, Medina del Campo / Valladolid

Surrender of the Kingdom of Granada

(Isabel of Castile. (The illusion of a Kingdom called Spain)

Queen by chance, happened to Henry IV of Castile, "The Powerless", the death of his brother Alfonso (brother of Elizabeth) in early age due to the ingestion of herbs.The alleged daughter of Henry IV King of Castile then was called "The Beltraneja" by reason of being conceived as the gossips of the time for Beltran de la Cueva, a friend of King Henry IV and Queen Juana of Portugal , his wife and queen of Castile.

After several fights, disputes, deaths and other herbsElizabeth I was crowned Queen of Castile, with that name, in 1474 at the age of 24 years.We had married a los19 years with Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Sicily, who was two years younger than her.
Isabel's dream was to unite the Iberian Peninsula in asingle kingdom, which began the conquest of the lastbastion that the Arabs possessed then, Granada, gravidathat it took about 20 years to achieve.Legends of the time say that Queen Isabel promised not to change his shirt inside until you get into Granada .... something really little to be trusted.

Granada was conquered in 1492, the very same year that Christopher Columbus discovered the new land he believed were the Indies .... and not subsequently found a new continent was called America by the discoverer Amerigo Vespucci.At last Elizabeth's dreams were being fulfilled and it had to be necessary to bear five children.Most of them married first Elizabeth was the heir Portuguese, and to die this the remarried a cousin of the deceased heir named Manuel who was king of Portugal by the name of Manuel I "The Lucky".A child born of this union, but both the son and heir to his mother Elizabeth died soon after.
The result was that Portugal became part of the future kingdom that would be a shame ..... Spain.The son and heir of Isabel I and Ferdinand of Aragon, Juan was married to Margaret of Habsburg, but was so enamored of the poor prince Margarita died shortly so weary of amatory practice.

Margarita was pregnant when he died John, gave birth to aman ... could be the heir ... but soon sadly left this world much sooner than expected.When the heir dies John the realm of what would be going to Spain Isabel, then queen of Portugal, married to Manuel I "the Fortunate" and expecting a child this .... (of little lucky because he dies the wife and son), married yet another sister named Maria Isabel and reportedly was the only happy children of Ferdinand and Isabella .......This child that comes to be born with the name Michael but as I said before suddenly dies like his mother Queen Isabel of Portugal, can not complete the dream of her grandmother Isabella I of Castile, queen and what would Spain.Shame, Michael could have been King of Spain and Portugal joining the Iberian Peninsula into one kingdom.And who is to reign in Spain, as another princess by the name of Joan, second daughter of Kings Católicos....Isabel / Fernando.

Ana married Philip had "called the Beautiful" was the son of Emperor Maximilian I of Germany to effect.Great, Germany and the Kingdom of Spain could join in the figure of Philip I "Habsburg" King of Spain, ... and Germany's future if elected by the voters of that empire as such.Fatality or not know, but I also Philip dies, the legend says that after playing a ball game, be sweating and drinking a glass of cold water.What would the water, if we know that was a little kingsympathetic to Fernando, husband of Elizabeth I who haddied in 1504 and the husband had married again Fernando Germaine de Foix, and also she is expecting a child is born and then dies?.Ferdinand of Aragon, the widow, died in 1516 in Esñaña seeing his daughter Queen Juana called "Loca" ... greatsee a crazy daughter reigning in their domains.

Philipp der Schöne.
Nominal Queen of CastilePhilip I of Castile ..... "The hemoso" and his wife Juana called "Loca" ...... with love for her husband Philip I

Philipp der Schöne.jpg
Meister der Magdalenenlegende 002.jpg

This Philip I, the Handsome, died in 1506 when he is King of Spain and inagurando the Habsburg dynasty (Habsburg Hispanicized).Elizabeth must have died almost worth, everyone was dying tohis eyes, his daughter, his son and heir, heir his grandson, the son of his daughter heir, and luckily did not see what happened to Felipe "The Beautiful" who died so suddenly perhaps aided by some herbs dissolved in water in order of who? ... his wife Juana mad with love.

The dynastic disaster was tremendous, the Kingdom went to a Queen who called Juana "la Loca" for traveling with her late husband, embalmed, throughout the lands of his kingdom Spain never was clear where the coffin was.
He was still in love with him, and could not bear to bury him as the holy custom of those times.Dead of Queen Juana "la Loca" came from the Netherlands aHer son, Charles, born in Ghent did not even knowentoces speak the Castilian.

For all overseas perfect Castilian speaking a strange language.He was born in Ghent in 1500 and came here with all his courtiers and foreign advisors were very badly received in Castile, and with good reason.Result, bloody civil war by the Dukes and Knights Castilian king did not want a 19 year old came from abroad, not speaking the language, to reign one of the greatest kingdoms of the time.The Communards called under Juan Bravo and preferred to Padilla's brother Carlos, Fernando, raised in Spain by his grandfather Ferdinand II of Aragon, husband of the deceased (the also deceased) Isabella I of Castile.The Communards were defeated by the troops of Charles in Villalar (Valladolid), April 23, 1521, his bosses Padilla, Bravo and Maldonado were beheaded.Now the feast of the Castilla-Leon is celebrated on April 23, and is a public holiday in that community.His patriotic holiday, and we see that the Spaniards remember their heroes with love.

This marriage of Kings (Isabel and Fernando) was called by Pope Alexander VI Borgia Pope "The Catholic Monarchs", and the truth is I do not really know the reason, be it Christian ideas defended the Muslim faced with the time .Or the ball well for them, as was customary in those days. However considering that Pope Alexander VI was born in Xativa (Valencia) Spain, no wonder some favoritism with so-called "Catholic Monarchs".(The history of this Pope / Borgia-Borja in Spanish / we leave for another time ... is also very seasoned).Elizabeth I's dream came to nothing, because until todaylands of this country we call Spain remain disunited and each of them want to be independent, five hundred years after the events described in this brief history.

The culmination and in my opinion are committed greaterrors in that reign.
Highlight only two as the importance they had in the later history:First:Eject the Kingdom to the Jews and those who professed the Muslim religion .... great, great mistake, was their landas for the rest of its inhabitants.Contributed wealth and work, so we went ..... after a disaster.Second:Create the infamous "Inquisition" and give full powers to theChristian Church of the time to pursue those notprofessed "true faith" expoliándoles, torturing andfinally sentenced to death to many people.

Hit?If America was discovered, but the inhabitants of thoseland were very quiet before the arrival of "the conquering Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and British .....Anyway, for much will that be can not change the destiny of a people, nation or the events that happen haphazardly.
 Another success could be the creation of "Holy Brotherhood" that ensured the safety on roads that were hitherto intrasitables by the number of bandits, murderers, thieves who infested the communication routes between cities.

Greetings to all and hope that you will have enjoyed the story of one of the Queens most significant in the history of Spain.

(In collaboration with my wife CUCA , SHE IS WHO TELL ME THE STORIES)

The first word of the heraldic arms of the Catholic Monarchs was, in all probability, in the church of San Juan de los Reyes (Toledo), whose thundering is the San Juan haloed eagle, and used as currency by Princess Isabel.Yugo and cut the Gordian knot, both mounted with the nickname ... as personal emblem of Ferdinand II of Aragon in the roof of one of the rooms of the palace of the Catholic Monarchs of Aljafería of Zaragoza, 1488-1492.

GREETINGS ....... the gatufo

lunes, 25 de marzo de 2013



It seems to me that on "holy week" (easter) we run away of ourselves, and the best form of doing that is going to other place far away from home.

Is it possible that we are so unhappy with our daily life as to do that year after year?.
If it is not so why this escape into highways or to catch the first plane to  takes us nobody knows where?.
To me it seems that the objective is to get out of our daily lives that seems us so bored.

It is not my case, it is just what I see around me and  just I can´t understand such general flight, as fast as posible if we have a bit of money to do that.

It doesn´t matter that the roads are full of cars, hours inside a metalic box with the children shouting and moving fed up with the trip.
It doesn´t matter the place, if there is not any we can invent one that seems attractive to go far from home or from our own life.
It doesn´t matter to have money enough to do such a trip, if there is not money we ask for a credit to escape or at least it was what millions did some years before this crisis.

Each one travel in relation with their position, may be a trip to the little village of our parents. or to the beach despite too much rain,or to much cold it could be there, we don´t care about the weather.
Even more, it doesn´t matter to be hours in a plain to go as far as possible to see a place that means nothing in our life, or to be on a beach far away of our place of living.
From mountains to the beach, from beaches to the mountains, from little cities to big cities, and of course from the big cities to the little one, it is just the same.
All consist in escape from the daily routine that seems to crush our way of living day after day.

Let me say there are more than tweenty years I don´t go any place on easter time, to me is a time to rest and enjoy my not crowded city, Remaining here it is like Paradise, not cars, not so much people to go shopping, to see a museum and so on.
Home it is the best place to be, at least for me, so I have been happy for years having some days to be indoors. Reading, listening to music, going for a walk to the park, walking along the streets more empty, just a pleasure.

For christians it could be also a good time of meditation, alone, or going some church not so crowded, but all depends of every one. I don't need to go to a particular place to meditate, home is good, or a bench in the park ir enough or just a walk.

The mistery to me is always the same, why so many people need to go out from their lives?. Mobbing the roads for hours to go and again once the days pass away mobbing roads to return into the daily routine?. Every year the same, is it we don´t think or we don´t like to stop the wheel of our life?.

Yes, something to think about, if we have time to stop and to think a subject I doubt, sorry but seeing what I see I doubt there is enough time to think if we are going and coming as son as we have some days free.

This year the crisis has been a retreat to hundred thousands who could be have more time to rethink about their lives, what evidently it could be a drama if they have enough time to feel their sorrows, the lack of work, what we are going to do in future?, where is the house close to the beach that we had last year to go on "holly weeks"?. What has happened with our world of yesterday?......
Such a lot of questions to thousands that this year are not on the road.

When I was a child this time of "holy week"  (easter) there were days to meditate, to pray, to think about Christ Jesús, about  Christ's sufferings on the cross that gave His life for us.
Of course, not every body did that, the same now that there are also some people who do just this kind of Christian meditation or prays, but are the less one.
Even the processions are a tourist party, a way of getting lot of money from foreigners or visitors, but not a time to pray or just a time to stop and think about our own life.

I am not a good believer, I could say I am a bad believer more an agnostic than other thing, but I like to meditate about life, God, other different life than this, and so on.
May be that´s the reason I am so astonished about what "holy week" is it for lot of Christians, just a reason to be off from their own life or beliefs if they believe in something.

I wish you a peaceful time of rest and meditation.

el gatufo

sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013


(my dear Gatufo face)...emiliano´s photo and video

A mucha gente le he escuchado decir que los gastos son diferentes, que son egoístas, que no acuden cuando se les llama, que van a los suyo, son independientes, incapaces de mostrar amor o respeto o simplemente que son seres extraños con los que no se desea tener ninguna clase de relación.

Lot of people said they don´t like cats, that cats are different from dogs, that cats are shelfish also that you call them and they don´t come.
They say cats are independent animals and these persons don´t want to have anything with cats.
I don´t really understand these feelings.

A mi siempre me gustaron.
No podría decir el motivo pero siempre pensé que sentía una profunda admiración por estos animales, bellos, ágiles, tranquilos o rápidos como el rayo siempre que lo desean.
Me fascinaban y siempre he deseado tener uno o dos en casa.
Durante tiempo no pudo ser, había niñas y no parecía ser compatible la idea
de gastos con niñas pequeñas.

I always like cats. I can´t explain this feeling but always I feel a deep admiration
for these animals, I was fascinated by them.
Cats are gorgeous, agile,  quiet but quick as lightning when they want.
I always wanted to have a cat at home, but it was not possible as my dear Cuca  

did not like them, she likes children instead. . . . but now at last we have my nice GATUFO

Hoy por al fin tengo un GATO, se llama Gatufo y es el ser mas tierno, amable,
cariñoso, tranquilo, comprensivo que nadie puede imaginar.
Es un amigo.
Y alguna persona que no tenía demasiado buen concepto de estos fascinantes
seres ha cambiado absolutamente de opinión.

Today at last I have a CAT, his name is GATUFO, and he is the most tender, kind,quiet and affectionate that no one can imagine.
He is a friend.
It was funny as Cuca that hasn´t a good opinion of Cats now has changed her mind

A veces me cambiaria por Gatufo.
No tiene ideas sobre la economía, la enfermedad, disimula sus males, no los
cuenta, ni tan siquiera te apercibes cuando puede estar mal, y siempre
está dispuesto a jugar, a pasarlo lo mejor posible.
No piensa en que será de mi mañana, tendré comida, donde dormir, viviré,
seguiré teniendo un lugar donde estar, etc.
Yo diría que es feliz, y si, pienso que no sería tan mala idea que
intercambiáramos los roles de vez en cuando.

Frequently I would change by Gatufo, my cat.
He has not any idea about echonomy, sickness, or even he try to hide his illness not to find out.
Always he is in good disposition to play and spend his time as much better as possible.
He is happy, don´t think about tomorrow, if he will have food, a place to go, where to sleep,
and so forth.
Yes, I think he is much more happy than me.
It would be a nice idea to change our roles from time to time.
Gatufo being emiliano ....and emiliano being Gatufo.....nice idea.

Yo ahora mismo estaria durmiendo sobre las piernas de Gatufo, y el
estaría escribiendo en el Blog....fascinante

Just now emiliano would be sleeping on the lap of Gatufo (being emiliano) and he Gatufo
should be writing here in this BLOG.....fascinating.


Greetings.....from emiliano "alias Gatufo "

Diciembre 13 martes 2011  ..............march 23rd 2013   


viernes, 22 de marzo de 2013


(The same person, more or less same ideas but a lot of years of diference    26 years old living in other world, .....and more than sixty...today)

(this note was written on december 14 of 2011, it was one of the first notes I wrote here in the
now I could know a little more, but very few after all. A big thanks to all persons who have read something of my writing, it is a pleasure to be read know already that there is a lot of countries round the world where I have some friend who has given some of her/his time Reading this
collection of ideas and thoughts.) 

December 14th of 2011

It is hard for me but sometimes I think I could be informed, but now I have the idea that every moment I know less than before.

In fact I think I know nothing about all this informatic world but I would like to know just a little, enough to write here what is called a Blog.

It would be good to share it with friends and people all over the world some of my ideas or what is happening right now close to my country or Europe but I don´t know how.

Also It would be good if people could write here also, telling me what ever things they like, but again how?...thats the subject.

Just a problem for me at the moment, I can´t inform friends how to stick their opinios or points of view. I hope that litle by lithe it will be possible for me in future.

Why I could know that I am not writing in the desert and no body read my writing?
Ja, ja, for my own knowledge I want to learn the form but who is going to teach me?.
Nice question that I ask myself frequently.

Usually I have done some informatic works that afterward I did not remember how I have done it, just because we don´t write anything.
When I want to do the same thing, it is quite difficult to do them again, and the time pass away so fast that it seems all is new once again.

Years ago everything was easier, once you learn something it was for years.
Now you may be happy if you learn something and it is for a month.
So fast, that it is nearly impossible to be up the moment.
You are happy for a short period of time because after open and close your eyes you know nothing once again, and have to start from nothing.

Nevertheles I am goin to write some ideas, thoughts and evens here for  a long period of time, if I have some readers it will be good for me and sure it will give me more force to write equently.

Thanks in advance to every one who wants to read or to write here with me.
Sharing thought and other subjects I do think it is a good idea just at the moment we are living.

My best to all of you.

emiliano "gatufo"


Thanks again dear friends of this humble blog.   Emiliano "gatufo"